March 31, 2023

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Al-Belbeisi: Corona injuries have dropped by 64 percent in the past week

Al-Belbeisi: Corona injuries have dropped by 64 percent in the past week

According to Dr. Adel al-Balbici, the Prime Minister’s Adviser on Health Affairs and in charge of the Corona file, the epidemic week will last from 12 to 18 March. Of the 11, 9,135 cases were reported, compared with 25,502 cases related to epidemiology. Week number. 10, about 64 percent less.

Today, Sunday, Belbice added that the death toll had risen to 44, down 43 percent from 77 deaths in epidemic week 10.

The number of PCR tests conducted this week reached 75,641 exams, down 35 percent from 115,816 exams last week.

Al-Balbici pointed out that the number of patients currently being treated in hospitals was 276, with 421 affected in the 10th week, a decrease of about 34 percent.

In terms of positive tests, al-Belbici said the percentage of positive tests was 12.3 percent, down about 45 percent, compared with 22 percent during the epidemic week (9).

He explained that the number of active cases was 6,449, a decrease of about 66 percent compared to 18,954 cases in 10 weeks, and the percentage of patients aged 10-17 was 19 percent, up from 26 percent. The previous week, and the percentage of cases in 9-6 year olds had reached 4 per cent, up from 8 per cent in the previous week.

Commenting on the national program of vaccination against corona virus, he said: 11,460 first dose per week, 17,004 second dose, 18,298 third dose, a total of 46,762, 65,393 vaccines were given in the 10th week. Decreased by about 29 percent.

Of the total dose for the first dose, 74 percent of the target group was 18 years and over, with a ratio of “44 percent of the total population” to 4.723777, and the total dose of the second dose was 4,427,430. , Those aged 18 and over make up 69 per cent of the target group, representing 41 per cent of the total population. Of the total number of vaccinated persons aged 12-17 years, the first dose was 218,318, the second dose was 170,252, while those aged 5-11 years were 145 for the first dose and 36 for the second dose.

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