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Al Dyer adopts updated strategic plan for Dubai Taxi 2021-2023


His Excellency Mathar Mohammed Al Thayer, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Roads and Transport Authority, has approved the Dubai Taxi Corporation’s strategic plan (2021-2023). Leading in providing secure and sustainable digital transportation services

RDA aims to improve the services of the taxi transport industry in the Dubai Emirates, to use artificial intelligence, technologies and smart systems in the taxi industry, to increase performance and customer satisfaction, and to expand the range of taxis. Improving the integration of limousines, Dubai Emirate, and transport and transportation systems in line with rapid growth and development will enable mass transit passengers to achieve their ultimate goals and facilitate the movement of visitors to Expo 2020 to provide better services.

He said: We want to provide a unique global experience in the taxi transport industry, for the convenience of citizens and residents, tourists, and to provide a variety of services, facilities and care in modern taxis, including luxury vehicles (limousines). , Airport Taxis, Women and Family Taxis and other, as well as continuing development and delivery of new and modern services and meeting customer needs by diversifying service access channels with a focus on smart channels.

51 attempts

He added: The Dubai Taxi Corporation’s strategic plan includes six corporate values, corporate reputation, excellence and innovation, happiness and positive energy, leadership and teamwork, sustainability, leadership and competitiveness, while strategic goals include five goals: Digital Movement, Future Vision. , Financial stability and happiness
Increasing the corporation’s market share in the taxi industry from the current 41.5% to 44% by 2023, and increasing the market share of limousines operating within e-hail applications from 8.5% to 12% by 2023 and increasing the rate of taxi travel by 14% to 16% through the same applications. The plan also aims to convert 5% of taxi fleets into self-driving vehicles by 2023 and increase the percentage of eco-friendly vehicles in the company to 56%. The plan covers the axis of financial stability, cost rationality and revenue maximization. Functional and inactive.

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Happy customers

The Foundation’s strategic plan focuses on the axis of public happiness and seeks to improve the work environment for employees and drivers and provide better services to customers. It aims to reach 90% customer satisfaction with taxi service by 2023. And about 93% of the school bus service, and the pleasure rate for drivers. 84%, and 89% of employees are happy that by 2023 they are trying to increase the percentage of kilometers currently produced from 49% to 53% and maintain 90% efficiency.

The Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA) recently signed a joint venture agreement with a global company (General Motors – Cruise) to operate the company’s self-driving vehicles in providing taxi services and shared transportation, so Dubai is the world’s first city outside the United States to operate the company’s vehicles, according to the report. According to the agreement, in the next phase, all stages for the launch of self-driving taxi service will be completed in 2023, and by 2030 the number of vehicles will gradually increase to 4,000 self-driving taxis.


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