November 28, 2022

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Al-Hilal's retired star makes it explode: Hamdallah is better than Igalo!

Al-Hilal’s retired star makes it explode: Hamdallah is better than Igalo!

Al Hilal’s retired star Tariq al – Tayeb, Morocco’s Abdel Razak Hamdallah, Al Ittihad striker, Al Hilal’s top scorer preferred Odeon Igalo.

Al-Hilal leads on points equal to al-Ittihad in Saudi league positions, but is ahead of direct confrontations.

Igalo is the highest scoring player in the Saudi league, which started as Al Shabaab’s player this season.

What did Tariq al-Tayyib say?

According to reports on the “Kora” show, the Libyan star has technically confirmed Hamdallah’s superiority over Ikolo, but has been plagued by crises outside the Moroccan stadium.

Al-Tayeb said: “Hamdallah’s technical skills are excellent, and it appears that even before his tenure with al-Ittihad, he was a supporter of al-Nasser, but he was plagued by crises off the field, which affected his position.”

He continued, “The Nigerian striker has other advantages such as the ability to take advantage of opportunities, good position within the penalty area, getting under pressure, as well as returning to the target. He is a sniper.”

Al-Tayeb compared Hamdallah to Igalo, emphasizing that the former is a better player and has many solutions besides his triple skills, while the latter has developed his skills and progressed over time, but he is an excellent striker who excels at scoring.

What are Igalo and Hamdallah offering this season?

Igalo is the leading scorer in the Saudi league with 22 goals, and has scored 28 goals in 38 appearances against Al Shabaab and Al Hilal in all competitions.

The Nigerian has scored 4 goals in all competitions this season.

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According to Hamdallah, he started the season with Al-Nasr before moving to Al-Ittihad and played in 19 matches in all competitions, scoring 15 goals and conceding just one goal.

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