March 25, 2023

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Al-Ittihad's counter-complaint against Al-Nasr in the Hamdallah "records" case

Al-Ittihad’s counter-complaint against Al-Nasr in the Hamdallah “records” case

Saudi 360 – Today, Thursday, press reports revealed the latest developments in the club’s crisis Gathering Led by Anmar Al-Hayli, accompanied by his companion successRegarding the case of Moroccan Abdel Razzak Hamdalla, the striker of the “Al-Ameet” team.

Al-Ittihad Club’s counter-complaint against Al-Nasr in the Hamdallah case

According to the Saudi newspaper, “Al-Madinah”, the management of the Union filed a complaint with the competent authorities against its representative in Saudi Arabia. success.

The Saudi newspaper indicated that it was the club’s complaint Gathering Against Al-Nasr on how Al-Alamey officials obtained confidential phone records, requiring permission from official bodies to access them.

The newspaper pointed out that it was a complaint Gathering In the background of the audio recordings provided by the Nasra administration, in the complaint against some officers of “Brigadier General” and player Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah.

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The newspaper confirmed that Al-Ittihad Club’s lawyer, Fahd Barba, argued in a remote hearing with Hamdallah yesterday that the professional body had no authority to consider the complaint submitted by Al-Nasr.

During the session, Hamdallah insisted that the expert committee did not have the authority to consider the complaint, especially after Al-Nasr officials submitted the complaint to FIFA, including audio recordings provided by world officials.

The newspaper pointed out that Al-Ittihad Club’s management submitted evidence of Al-Nasr Club’s submission of their complaint to FIFA, including audio recordings, to the expert panel and the international confederation recognized them within the case file. The case is not meritorious.

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31-year-old Hamdallah joined the team Gathering During last winter’s Mercato, the Conquest management officially terminated the player’s contract for a legitimate legal reason, as described by “Al-Alameya”.

There was club management success An official complaint has been submitted to the Expert Committee of the Saudi Football Association, along with audio evidence proving the instigation of Al-Ittihad Club’s Al-Balawi against Moroccan player Abdul Razak Hamdallah during his contract with Al-Alam.

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