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Al-Mansouri leads “Kingfish” at 38kg at the Dubai Fishing Championships


Dubai (Etihad)
The curtain will fall tomorrow on the second round of the Dubai Fishing Championship 2022, organized by the Dubai International Marine Club in conjunction with the 28th edition of the Dubai International Boat Exhibition, which will be held for the first time in Dubai Harbor.
The Dubai International Marine Club is participating as a subsidiary partner in the current edition of the Dubai International Boat Show 2022, number 28, which will take place for the first time in the Dubai port. Night of jet-bikes, including. Hoverboard and open skill classes were held Friday.
The first and second days of the championship saw intense competition, with 4 participants out of a total of 70 competitors receiving valuable catches and submitting it to the referees in charge to oversee the first 48 hours.
Competitor number. 35, Tariq Muhammad Abdullah Al-Mansuri, a Kingfish weighing 38 kg and measuring 154 cm in length, succeeded in providing valuable grip.
The second day of the second round of the Dubai Fishing Championship saw many participants, including the number of competitors. 67 Hamad Mohammad Murad Youssef won the Kingfish with a weight of 31.9 kg and a length of 162 cm, finishing second in the Kingfish rankings.
Competitor number by winning a fish weighing 20.7 kg and measuring 130 cm in length. 30 Juma Khalifa Juma Al Nabuta finished third in the Kingfish category at the end of the second day. No. 52 Muhammad Isa Ali Al Shamsi caught a kingfish (kingfish) weighing 16.2 kg and standing fourth at the end of the second day with a length of 124 cm.
Competitor number. 35, Tariq Mohammed Al-Mansouri, participated in the Dubai Fishing Championship and expressed his delight at submitting his participation by obtaining a Kingfish weighing 38 kg and measuring 154 cm in length. And won the first place and received a financial prize of 25,000 dirhams.
Al-Mansouri said: I was lucky when I succeeded in getting this fish, I did not hesitate to participate after fulfilling all the instructions and conditions related to participation, and had registered to participate in the competition a few hours earlier, and thank God. I look forward to the remaining hours to participate, and congratulations to all the participants.

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