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Al-Shifa Medical Complex… the largest hospital encyclopedia in the Gaza Strip



Al-Shifa Medical Complex… the largest hospital encyclopedia in the Gaza Strip

Al-Shifa Campus is a government campus affiliated with the Palestinian Ministry of Health. It is the largest health institution providing medical services in the Gaza Strip. It was established in 1946 and was subject to occupation in 1967 and then to the Palestinian Authority after the Oslo Accords. It has grown over time to become the largest medical complex that includes 3 specialized hospitals and employs 25% of the hospital staff in the entire Gaza Strip.

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Al-Shifa Medical Complex is located at a crossroads in the central western part of Gaza City, overlooking Is al-Din al-Qassam and al-Wahda Streets. Near it is the Al-Shifa Mosque, and the area of ​​the complex is 45 thousand square meters.


Construction of the hospital In the mid-20th century, specifically in 1946, the British Mandate established the hospital in Gaza City, which in its initial form consisted of small kiosks aimed at providing medical services to patients.

After the end of the British Mandate, the hospital merged with Egyptian administration. During that time, its departments expanded and its number of beds increased, and it continued under Egyptian administration for nearly two decades.

Children’s nursery at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza (Al-Jazeera)

In 1967, the hospital joined the Israeli occupation after capturing the area following the June setback, which later decided to rebuild it like most Israeli hospitals.

The hospital now has more rooms for patients and each room can accommodate a maximum of 3 patients, but this number was small compared to the area of ​​the hospital, especially since most of the hospitals that exist now did not exist at that time. They remained the same in the eighties and mid-nineties.

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At the beginning of the first intifada (December 1987), the hospital’s role emerged as a primary point of conflict between members of the army and Palestinians. The first conflict of the intifada occurred when Palestinian students stormed it to protest the occupation. It was an army assembly center, and during the Intifada Israeli soldiers tried to steal the bodies of Palestinian martyrs from the hospital.

When the Palestine Liberation Organization and Israel signed the Oslo Accords in 1993, the hospital became part of the administration of the Palestinian Authority. It has since received Japanese and European support for development, construction of new buildings, and expansion of rooms. A number of developmental processes have transformed it into a medical complex that includes multiple specialty hospitals.

In 2023, the exterior structure of the hospital required renovation. Parts of the concrete fell from the roofs and walls, and the inability to preserve the materials as a result of the blockade and lack of financial support meant that the restoration process was not completed.

Dialysis Department at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza Strip (Al-Jazeera)

Departments of Medical Campus

Today, Al-Shifa campus has 3 specialized hospitals:

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital with nursery department for premature babies.
  • Internal Medicine Hospital.
  • Surgical Hospital.
  • In addition to the emergency department, the intensive care unit, radiology, blood bank, planning and others.

The hospital provides its services to residents of Gaza City in addition to receiving cases from other cities where specialized hospitals are not available.

It provides various therapeutic and health services and activities to a large number of residents. For example, in 2020, the hospital provided treatment services to 460,000 citizens, and health services to about 250,000 citizens in the emergency department. Annually 25,000 surgeries and 69 operations were performed there. One dialysis session and 13,000 births.

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Workers on premises

The number of staff at Al-Shifa Medical Complex is one-fourth of the number of staff at all hospitals in the sector, as it employs approximately 1,500 staff, including more than 500 doctors, 760 nurses and 32 pharmacists. Administrative staff.

His role in wars

The al-Shifa compound plays an important role in the fighting in the Gaza Strip, as it receives and performs surgery on wounded people.

In the 2023 Al-Aqsa flood battle, the hospital’s capacity reached 164%. Casualties were heavy and continuous as a result of continuous Israeli bombardment, and shortages of fuel and medicine, large numbers of wounded, and the arrival of large numbers of wounded caused the hospital to suffer a disastrous situation. Also, fatigue affected the medical staff as a result of continuous work.

Additionally, a large number of journalists and media professionals congregate at Al-Shifa Medical Complex, considering it to be a very secure location and easily accessible to other areas and neighborhoods. It is easy for them to hide the phenomenon by being close to the medical personnel and the cases being treated.

The hospital plays an important role in sheltering families as citizens and families resort to it due to violent bombings of apartments and houses, and they sleep in outdoor courtyards, and in the 2021 occupation, the complex has prepared tents to provide shelter to displaced families. Backyard.

During the Al-Aqsa floods in 2023, more than 35,000 civilians were displaced to seek shelter from raids targeting their homes, and families spent the night in hospital corridors, rooms and courtyards.

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A massacre at the gates of the medical complex

On the third Friday of November 2023, an attack targeting ambulances in front of the gate of Al-Shifa Medical Complex resulted in the death and injuries of dozens of civilians. The injured included doctors, paramedics, injured persons and civilians. With the injured crowding around the ambulances at the entrance to the compound.

The Israeli military admitted to targeting ambulances at the gates of the medical complex.

Images sent by news agencies show civilians, injured, doctors and paramedics being targeted.

The raid was previously targeted near Al-Shifa Medical Complex on October 9, 2023, causing damage to the nursery area of ​​the complex.

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7 Perfect Snacks to Fight Nighttime Hunger Attacks | Life



7 Perfect Snacks to Fight Nighttime Hunger Attacks |  Life

A good night’s sleep is essential for health, as levels of leptin, a hormone responsible for feelings of fullness, rise during sleep, and ghrelin, a hormone that sends hunger signals, decreases at bedtime. Give the body a chance to sleep.

But the thing is, the feeling of hunger at night is not without pressure, which can spoil this equation, for reasons such as: eating the last meal too soon, tension and stress, blood sugar level fluctuations or vitamin D deficiency. A certified nutritionist said. , Katherine Metzeler, Well & Good.

His colleague Michelle Reker, a certified nutritionist, pointed out the effect that “the lack of food needed to get the calories the body needs during the day, especially after an intense evening workout, can lead to increased energy expenditure and nighttime hunger.”

If you’re hungry late at night, it’s okay to eat a nutritious snack under 200 calories (Shutterstock)

Fake or real hunger?

Certified nutritionist Barbara Ross told the US newspaper HuffPost, “Anxiety can wake us up in the middle of the night, and we confuse it with hunger.” In this case, he suggests drinking a cup of decaffeinated herbal tea. Calms the nerves.

To quench the flames of true hunger, Metzeler emphasizes the importance of going “no food during the day, no more than 4 to 5 hours at most,” and making sure to eat enough foods that include plenty of protein. healthy fats, vegetables, whole grains and complex carbohydrates; Keep energy levels high and feel energized and satisfied throughout the day.

Later in the night, the impact of hunger can be reduced, so many people rush to the kitchen and eat the candy, potato chips and gravy or leftover steak from lunch, which can be difficult for them. Go back to sleep and they start the next day feeling uncomfortable.This causes them health problems: weight gain.

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According to the Healthline website, there is growing scientific evidence that eating too late at night can make weight control more difficult.

The right foods

According to research published in 2015, “If you’re hungry late at night, it’s okay to eat a small, nutrient-dense snack under 200 calories.”

Here are 7 examples of these foods that a panel of certified nutritionists told HuffPost, “They’re great for fighting nighttime hunger pangs while helping you get back to sleep.”

  • Turkey breast slices

Certified nutritionist, Marissa Mechoulam looks at; Turkey breast is “a great way to satisfy an after-midnight hunger pang, whether eaten alone or stuffed into half a sandwich.”

Turkey breast pieces are known to “help you fall asleep, relax and go back to sleep because they are rich in the amino acid (L-tryptophan), which turns into the sleep hormone (melatonin); in addition. to their protein content, it is “enough to suppress the feeling of hunger until morning. “

  • Fiber-rich cheese and crackers

According to Mechoulam, “any snack we choose should include protein and fiber to keep us full throughout the night”; It’s found in protein-rich cottage cheese, which contains some sleep-aiding tryptophan and fiber-rich crackers. Mechulam recommends almond flour biscuits to ensure stable blood sugar levels.

According to Healthline, “Combining carbohydrate-rich foods (such as crackers) with a good source of tryptophan (such as cheese) helps increase tryptophan’s effectiveness in supporting sleep,” and serving 4 pieces of whole wheat crackers and one piece of cheddar cheese. Low fat, about 150 calories.

Any snack we choose should contain protein and fiber (pixels) to keep us full throughout the night.
  • A refreshing vegetable dish with hummus

It is a refreshing and crunchy vegetable dish; Like: baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers, with hummus, “The perfect quick and easy midnight snack,” says registered dietitian Amanda Frankini, “A couple tablespoons of hummus can be enough to provide protein, fiber, and complete satisfaction.”

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  • Banana and peanut butter

In one study, “melatonin levels in the blood increased 4-fold within two hours of eating two bananas.”

Bananas and nuts or peanut butter can be balanced snacks to maintain balanced blood sugar, which is essential for getting good sleep.

“Bananas contain potassium, which, in addition to complex carbohydrates, controls high blood sugar that can harm sleep,” says Prangini, adding that combining bananas with peanut butter at night is a healthy and satiating source of fat and tryptophan that can induce sleep.

For Metzeler, who recommends putting almond butter and bananas on whole-wheat bread, “combines protein, carbs and fat to beat a balanced snack before bed.”

Adding banana slices to your peanut butter meal at night is a healthy and satisfying source of fat and sleepy tryptophan (Pxels).
  • Cherry and pistachio

A number of studies conducted on sour cherries have shown that snacking on them in the middle of the night can lead to better sleep, as they naturally contain melatonin. It can be combined with pistachios, which combine fat and protein in addition to some melatonin.

  • Cereals and milk

As milk contains calcium, which helps the body produce melatonin, a cup of warm milk is ideal for falling asleep after waking up at night.

Low-sugar whole grains can be added to milk for a light, filling and balanced meal to help maintain blood sugar levels.

Whole grains can be added to milk (pixels) for a light, filling and balanced meal to maintain blood sugar levels.
  • Snacks from nuts

Frankini cautions against turning to chocolate or coffee as midnight snacks; Because they keep you awake longer, walnuts, almonds, and pistachios provide natural melatonin, protein, and magnesium to help you feel full and induce sleep.

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Science concerned with the study of celestial bodies



Science concerned with the study of celestial bodies

What is the science related to the study of celestial bodies?? What are the career fields of an astronomy major?? Given the importance of this field in the Saudi labor market, astronomy is considered one of the most important specializations that a large group of individuals are interested in studying, so we will learn more about it in the following lines.

Science concerned with the study of celestial bodies

If you want to know Science concerned with the study of celestial bodies Remember this is astronomy and celestial bodies are all objects in the sky.

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These are represented by the Sun, Moon and planets, which move according to a certain system and influence each other in a certain way and in a certain proportion. Scientists study these bodies to learn about them. Movement and life and their effects on Earth.

What are the career fields for astronomy majors?

It is worth noting that the astronomy major is considered one of the broadest majors with many different and varied fields, as the astronomer can work alone as a researcher or in teams within university departments.

In addition to working in government research centers and national facilities, he studies the celestial bodies, the universe, and the Earth and tries to explain everything around them. One of the most important areas in which his studies and researches can be carried out is in the far reaches of the vast universe, and in science. Astronomy is as follows:

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1- Astronomer

It is worth noting that an astronomer works in the field of cosmology, and the most important areas of his work are detailed below:

  • Study of celestial galaxies.
  • A theoretical study of cosmology through data provided by other astronomers.
  • Study of planets inside and outside the solar system.
  • Study of the Sun.
  • Read the stars.

2- Astrophysicist

Note that an astrophysicist performs many tasks related to analyzing space objects while writing theories about them. To help him understand the laws of the universe.

One of the most important tasks an astrophysicist does is administrative work related to the results of experiments, while he works on preparing all the presentations and writing articles related to the field of astronomy, while applying for grants to fund his projects. .

3- Researcher and University Professor

Note that astronomy is related to many specializations, and an astronomer can earn an academic degree that qualifies him to work as a university professor in academic institutions, while also teaching physics and observational astronomy.

Apart from cosmology, he can also serve as a department head in academic universities, and works in the research department of the university and uses all its resources to develop his research projects.

It is worth noting that the astronomer works with institutions and laboratories to conduct research to achieve a common research goal, and presents the results of the research he conducts in scientific conferences and publishes them through scientific articles. After the houses are reviewed by the teachers.

Many individuals want to learn about the science involved in astronomy, while learning all aspects of working in astronomy, which is considered one of the most important scientific and practical specialties.

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10 Foods That Help Lower Blood Pressure in Winters



10 Foods That Help Lower Blood Pressure in Winters

Written by Merwat Rashad

Friday, December 8, 2023 at 10:00 p.m

When the weather is cold, the blood vessels in the body constrict to maintain the temperature. This constriction can lead to an increase in blood pressure. In winter, sunlight is generally less, which can lead to vitamin D deficiency. Its deficiency is linked to high blood pressure levels.Blood: Winter weather often restricts physical activity, leading to weight gain and high blood pressure, says a report published on “NDTV” website.

The report confirmed that high salt intake can lead to high blood pressureReducing your intake of salt and processed foods high in sodium can help lower your blood pressure. Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, whole grains, lean proteins, and reducing saturated fat can help. It has a positive effect on blood pressure and here are the foods you can add to your diet to reduce high blood pressure in winter.

10 Foods to Add to Your Diet in Winters to Reduce High Blood Pressure:

1. Dark leafy vegetables

Foods like spinach, kale, and chard are rich in potassium, which helps lower blood pressure by counteracting the effects of sodium.

2. Citrus

Oranges, grapefruit and lemons are high in vitamin C and antioxidants, which support cardiovascular health by reducing inflammation and improving blood vessel function.

3. Garlic

Eating garlic in winter helps lower blood pressure due to an active compound called allicin that promotes relaxation of blood vessels and lowers high blood pressure.

4. Salmon

These fatty fish are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.

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5. Pomegranate

Pomegranate juice or seeds contain natural antioxidants and polyphenols that can help lower blood pressure by improving heart health and reducing inflammation.

6. Oats

Including whole grains like oats in your diet can help lower blood pressure due to their high fiber content, which helps control blood cholesterol levels.

7. Beat

Beets are rich in nitrates, which the body converts to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps relax and dilate blood vessels, which promotes healthy blood pressure levels.

8. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is an excellent source of calcium and protein, which is associated with lower blood pressure. Choose low-fat options to avoid excess saturated fat.

9. Walnuts

Eating a handful of walnuts daily can help lower blood pressure. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and antioxidants that contribute to heart health.

10. Yellow

This golden spice contains curcumin, which has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help lower blood pressure and improve overall cardiovascular health.

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