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High school train is almost over.. 98,000 students are appearing for dynamics today in sports science section.. Two essay questions with 4 marks, 20 questions including 18 objective questions with 26 marks.. and 70% questions are for intermediate level.


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Tuesday, July 11, 2023 08:43 AM

The students started High school The Division of Mathematical Sciences, a little while ago, entered the examination boards to participate in the examination for the first round of the General Secondary School Leaving Certificate for the academic year 2022/2023, in the Mechanics Branch, in Applied Mathematics, at nine in the morning. , two hours.

Further, the Ministry of Education and Technical Education’s operations room continued, the examination questions reached the high school groups before the examination started at nine o’clock in the morning, the heads of the groups confirmed that the envelopes of the questions had been received safely, and directed the heads of the committees to open the envelopes as soon as the examination began and to keep the questions confidential and not to open them. Stability is provided in groups for students.

Amid tight security measures, committee officials conducted electronic screening of students using an electronic wand, ensuring that no student was carrying mobile devices or electronic devices that could be used to cheat or take photos of questions or answers.

Leaders of the committees warned students not to enter the committees if they have means of cheating, especially mobile phones. long time.

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education says that Mechanics is one of the branches of Applied Mathematics and its total marks are 60 degrees, out of which the total marks are 30 degrees for Mechanics. It also achieves students’ score statics. 30 degrees, and students took the exam with two essay questions, 4 degrees were assigned to them, 18 questions were assigned to them, and 26 questions were assigned to them, bringing the total number of questions to 20 questions.

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The ministry confirmed that 70% of the total number of questions in the paper address simple and medium mental levels and 30% for higher level thinking, noting that around 98,000 male and female students will write the mechanics test. Department of Sports Science.

The Ministry of Education has taken several measures to prevent cheating in exams, including stopping transfers to certain schools, installing surveillance cameras in groups to track any violations, and placing barcodes on question booklets. An anti-fraud committee has also been set up, who take pictures of the questions or answers. The electronic office in the ministry is tasked with monitoring fraud pages and monitoring the circulation of questions. High School Exam Questions.

Ministry has alerted the students about the need to write data in question and answer sheet, answer sheet for bubble sheet optional questions or answer sheet for essay questions, after writing the seat number in the bubble sheet, students should answer the essay questions with dedication. The ministry also confirmed that the high school exams will be edited electronically either as essay or elective.

It is to be noted that the students of STEM schools excelling in science and technology are taking the exam on Conceptual Measurements (Biology) for Science section and Conceptual Measurements (Pure Mathematics) for Mathematics section today on Tuesday. Students of schools for the blind also take the history test (second paper).

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