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Algeria: It is time for Syria to return to the Arab League


Algeria (agencies)

Algerian Foreign Minister Ramdon Lamara stressed the need for Syria to return to the Arab League: “We welcome the visit of the United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister to Syria and the meeting with President Bashar al-Assad. . “
The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Sheikh Abdullah bin Saeed Al Nahyan, visited Damascus last Tuesday and met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to discuss the importance of bilateral relations and travel between the United Arab Emirates and Syria. They must foster joint cooperation between them and in various fields and serve the common interests of both fraternal nations and peoples.
For his part, he assured Lamamra that the meeting would be in the interest of joint Arab action and would serve for the Arab Summit to be held in Algeria next March, which would be an opportunity to “reunite and resolve differences.” The Algerian minister stressed the need for Syria to return to the Arab League.
Lamamra confirmed last August that his country supports Syria’s proposal to return to the Arab League, explaining that the issue is a key issue in preparing for the upcoming Arab summit in Algeria.
He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into Syria, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into Syria’s whereabouts.
“Now we look to the future,” he said. The Algerian minister made it clear that they would work to bring the Arab brothers closer to the Arab summit and show the scale of the reality.
Last Monday, President Abdelmadjit Debon announced that Algeria would host the Arab Summit next March.
Speaking at the opening of the Conference of Heads of Algerian Diplomatic and Diplomatic Missions at the Palais des Nations, Debon said: Algeria will host the Arab Summit in March 2022.
In his speech, he stressed that efforts should continue to promote joint Arab action by creating the conditions necessary for the success of the summit.
In addition, the Syrian Ministry of Electricity has signed a cooperation agreement with a group of Emirati companies to set up a 300-megawatt photovoltaic power plant in rural Damascus, according to the Syrian News Agency (SANA).
The contract provides for the construction of a 300 MW photovoltaic plant on a “ready-made basis”, with funding required for the project to be paid in quarterly installments of 10 years, with 100 per cent tariff facilities. Every part of the project is put into service. ”
Last October, Syrian Economy Minister Samar al-Khalil announced the government’s approval of the project with the United Arab Emirates, citing the agreement as “the first” of companies’ willingness to invest in Syria.
The agreement comes two days after Foreign and International Cooperation Minister His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Saeed Al Nahyan met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as an important step on his way back to Syria. Arab world.

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