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“Ali Al-Wardi is a scientist from my country” .. Documentary by a very famous sociologist


Al Arabia broadcasts a five-episode documentary series. Within the “Rawafet” project, Titled “Ali al-Wardi, a scientist from my country”, which presents a team of thinkers and researchers who lived with the Iraqi sociologist Ali al-Wardi and researched his knowledge.

This documentary is an overview of Ali al-Wardi’s biography, publication of knowledge, ideas and analysis of Iraqi society, its individuals, groups and history. He is an enlightened pioneer and founder of Arab sociology.

And Ali al-Wardi Iraqi sociologistHe is a renowned professor and historian who has adopted modern theories of analysis of Iraqi social reality. He used these principles to analyze certain historical events, as he did in the book “Preachers of the Sultans”. He is one of the pioneers of secularism in Iraq.

At the beginning of the first episode of this documentary series, writer and thinker Abdul-Hussein Shaban told Ali al-Wardi that “there were 3 things”, the first of which was “not everyone cares against him, but infinite courage”. Put forward his ideas and proposals. “

Later, Dr. Amir Hassan Fayyat, an educator and researcher, said of Ali al-Wardi, “He focuses on the issue of binary personality, the theory of conflict, pedophilia and civilization, and he brought up the issue of religion, which is the hatred of Sunnis and Shiites. As a matter of fact, it is not wanted by hardliners. “

Cover of Ali al-Wardi and one of his books

Cover of Ali al-Wardi and one of his books

He then addressed academic speaker and researcher Dr. Ali al-Marhej, who said, “Ali al-Wardi is one of the most important thinkers in Iraqi sociology. He was an intellectual and controversial thinker. They cite the educational environment as principles for assessing Iraqi character.

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In the last axes of the meeting, the educator and researcher Dr. Lahai Abdel-Hassan said of Ali al-Wardi that he returned to Iraq in 1950 and worked as a professor at Queen Alia College. Iraqi personality. Iraq “.

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