March 30, 2023

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Amendment of measures to address "Govt-19" in the Central Government

Amendment of measures to address “Govt-19” in the Central Government

Yesterday, the Federal Commission for Human Resources released a circular addressed to all Ministries and Federal Agencies, revising some procedures to address the “Govt-19” epidemic at the federal level. Competent authorities in the country, and in accordance with the guidelines of the UAE Government, for the entry of all federal agencies for staff and auditors in all emirates of the country through the use of the Green Traffic system, the entry will be restricted to catering and owners of vaccinated varieties from January 3, 2022.

The authority calls on ministries and federal authorities to adhere to and comply with the procedures contained in Circular 2121 2021, allowing federal officials to enter only those who have received two doses of any approved “Govit-19” vaccine. The country, and its support and improved doses, whose description appears in the color of the castle, and those who receive the vaccine and booster doses are obliged to conduct a laboratory test (PCR) every 14 days. Continuation of their appearance in the use of the castle in green.

Depending on the type of staff or auditors exempted from the vaccine, they are allowed to enter the federal authorities, if their character is green in use of the castle, if they promise to conduct each laboratory test (PCR). Seven days, to ensure the continuity of their appearance in the use of the castle in green.

As for auditors who are children under the age of 16, their status will appear in green in al-Hosn application and they will be allowed to enter the federal authorities without being asked to conduct any laboratory tests.

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In the case of non-vaccinated staff or auditors, they are barred from entering federal authorities, as well as individuals who appear gray in al-Hosn application, because the specified period for conducting their laboratory test (PCR) has expired.

The Commission has appealed to the Central Government employees to avail of the free “Govit-19” examination service provided by the Ministry of Health and Social Security through the “Shifa” application or the electronic link for the free “Govit-19” examination. Service provided by the Ministry.

He urged all federal authorities to adhere to public hygiene and safety rules and to take all precautionary and necessary measures previously administered regarding the management of procedures to control the “Govit-19” epidemic and the registration of victims. Persons, contacts and vaccinators in the human resource information management system in the federal government. Benefit from the “My Data”, and the Guide to Dealing with Affected Employees “Contacting or Suspecting Covit-19 Symptoms”. “Viruses in the workplace at federal authorities.

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