March 25, 2023

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Germany expresses "grave concern" over Putin's military threats

Germany expresses “grave concern” over Putin’s military threats

Berlin – AFP
German Foreign Minister Annalena Barbok on Wednesday expressed “great concern” over Vladimir Putin’s promise of a “military and technical” response from Russia if his Western opponents did not end their policies.
He said: “I am very worried” because the words of the Russian president preceded the “troop movements” on the Ukrainian border, which he believes can only be resolved through negotiations with Moscow.
On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened that Russia would retaliate “militarily and technically” for Western threats, and stressed that the West was responsible for the escalation of tensions in Europe and that Russia had not asked for security concessions in the context of security guarantees. The proposals submitted by Moscow to Washington have not yet been officially released, but China, for its part, said on Tuesday that telephone talks had taken place between the two countries’ national security advisers. Was ready for talks on strategic stability with the United States and announced its support for Russia’s proposals for security guarantees.
On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed the West for escalating tensions in Europe, and told senior military officials that Russia would respond “appropriately” to any Western aggression and continue to develop its military. “If his Western opponents do not put an end to their policy, Russia will be aggressive in the face of growing tensions with Ukraine.
The Russian president announced that he was not asking for exceptional circumstances in the Moscow defense sector, but would not respond to the hostile moves of the West against it. “Moscow has the right to take the necessary steps to ensure Russia’s security and sovereignty.”

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