March 30, 2023

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"American Health" advises against traveling to 4 countries, including an Arab country

“American Health” advises against traveling to 4 countries, including an Arab country

On Monday, US President Joe Biden reviewed the changes he would like to make to drug prices, but did not begin his speech in front of a young woman named “Aisha” who is suffering from diabetes.

Ayesha told her story of suffering from diabetes and her struggle to save insulin prices.

The young woman said she had experienced some difficult circumstances some time ago, which prompted her to choose between “insulin is like water for me to survive” and paid off her financial obligations.

Ayesha chose financial duties, saw little by little her insulin reserves disappear and her health began to deteriorate, pushing her to the point where she had to fight for her life when she was pushed into a coma. Diabetes and lack of insulin in his body.

Biden stressed that many Americans, like Aisha, are forced to choose between their lives and other responsibilities because of the high cost of drugs.

The U.S. president said the price of drugs in the United States is two to three times higher than in other countries, and that “this is a higher percentage in developed countries.”

“Higher drug prices could lead to an increase in the cost of health insurance for the American people,” Biden said.

He expressed a desire to “create a better America” ​​by “providing Americans with the drugs they need to sustain their lives, such as insulin.”

He added, “34 million people, that’s ten percent of the U.S. population, have diabetes, and many of them are stopping drug prices on the way to their survival.”

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Biden explained that his plan to make essential medicines available to the American people is in three steps, the first of which is to charge a maximum of $ 34 for insulin, and the second is for those who do not have health insurance: “To implement the maximum price, we hope that they will be insured through government websites. Insulin. .. can cost $ 10 a month. ”

Third, the US President stressed that his administration would ensure that pharmaceutical companies set their own prices. Their price is “cannibalism”.

Biden called on companies to agree on reasonable prices for prescription drugs, and added, “Our program calls on companies to determine drug prices in line with economic inflation.”

The U.S. president ended his speech by saying he would make sure Americans had the basic medicines that save their lives, pointing out that diabetes is an example of his plan and that people with incurable diseases need drugs to keep them alive. , Cancer, heart and other.

Biden ended his speech: “Health insurance should be a right and not a luxury in our country.”