May 28, 2023

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Ammar al-Nuaimi confirms the improvement in the level of government services delivery

Ammar al-Nuaimi confirms the improvement in the level of government services delivery

Ajman Airport (WAM)

Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman and Chairman of the Emirate Executive Council, praised the government’s efforts to improve the quality of management, improve government management plans and improve the level of service delivery in government agencies. The decision-making system is based on accurate and up-to-date data, and ensures data privacy and security.
This came when his high-level approval of the “Maturity Status of Data Management Practices” indicator within the operational framework of the “Ajman Data Management and Management” project is an important step for the Ajman government. Strategy for improving data management practices for all government agencies in the Emirate.
His superiority was explained by the program team regarding the current work plan and upcoming work programs and the current maturity level of the local authorities who have been evaluated and given the objectives to be implemented in the coming years. Executive Committee General Secretary Dr. Saeed Saif Al Madrushi. Demonstrating the maturity of data management practices at Emirate reflects the quality of practices by which government agencies handle the data they generate and exchange it with other organizations, for all databases considered in national sources with the goal of achieving the goal of “one source”. It directly contributes to improving the quality of services provided by government agencies to customers, improving their quality, reducing procedures, and reducing operating costs for those services. Copy of data in government agencies. For his part, Dr. Saeed Saif al-Matrushi demonstrates the “maturity level of management practices” and supports the mechanisms that support Haines’ adoption of the Emirate and decision-making within the framework of the Ajman government. And economic programs and quality initiatives, which will enhance the efficiency of government to achieve the components of well-being of life and the success of society.

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A plan
Dr. Al-Madrushi explained that the “Ajman Data Governance and Management” program aims to improve the opportunities for people to benefit from government data in the emirate, to use the principles of transparent government data, to improve transparency and to establish rules for good governance and data management. Accompanying acceptance of the indicator will contribute to the maturity of management practices. Data and its performance. The General Secretariat of the Executive Council oversees the implementation of the rules of this decision through the “Administration and Data Management for the Emirate of Ajman” program, which follows its function, determines the purpose of the indicator’s use, and submits periodic reports showing the results of the indicator and compliance with the application’s application purpose Will work to improve and improve. Data management practices.