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An amazing discovery .. one of Saturn’s moons contains “life” elements


Recently, astronomers made an amazing discovery that one of Saturn’s moons has all the ingredients for life for humans.

On Saturn’s moon “Enceladus,” scientists have discovered large amounts of phosphorus in the salt ice that emerges from its internal ocean, which could increase its potential for life in the future..

Details of the latest scientific discovery, published in the scientific journal “Nature,” are based on data collected by NASA’s “Cassini” spacecraft, the first spacecraft to orbit Saturn, during its 13-year history of exploring the gas giant. , its rings and moons. Years, 2004 to 2017.

It is important to note that this is the first time that phosphorus has been found in an ocean outside of Earth’s oceans.

And while the outer portion of the moon, “Enceladus,” is covered in an icy crust, there’s a global ocean below that could be home to life..

Scientists not only found phosphorus in the oceans of Saturn’s moons, but their data indicated that its concentration could be at least 100 times greater than that found in Earth’s oceans..

Phosphorus is not evidence for life, but the presence of phosphorus compounds in Earth’s water is important for biological activity, so it is an important part of assessing whether Enceladus could support life..

Phosphorus is an essential component of the DNA structure, an important part of cell membranes, and the energy-carrying molecules found in all forms of life on Earth..

The same research team previously confirmed that the icy grains of the “Enceladus” moon contain complex organic compounds and complex organic compounds, including components of amino acids known to scientists to be associated with life. Of the 6 elements considered essential for all living things (carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulfur), it is still missing from the equation..

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