June 6, 2023

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An American artist begins a photo series to imagine ancient humans’ interactions with technology.. images

The great technological development that our modern era has witnessed opens up new horizons for artists and professionals in all fields to seek new life and new forms of art, even if they imagine that it has turned into details. . If you see some of the modern technologies and artificial intelligence that our ancestors lived with for centuries.

Questions of what life was like in the past include reflection and research on how ancient people would have used a smartphone if they had access to it at that time, along with some factors of current technology. In their lifetime? Are they running away from this strange little device or want to check out its secrets?

Ancestors of British Soldiers
Ancestors of British Soldiers

Filipino-American digital artist J.M. Kilgore pondered these questions and decided to answer them, imagining what it would look like through an AI photo series. “Time Selfies”It is widely distributed on the Internet.

When you think of warriors, samurai warriors, or cavemen, history books often portray them as serious. Here, Kilgore shows the weird, spontaneous expressions of people from different eras taking “selfies.” Egyptians with helmets and shields.

Warriors for centuries

Ancestors of the ancient Egyptians

And in an interview with the site CNN “The inspiration for this project came from my fascination with time travel,” Kilgore explained in the AF, Back to the Future series.(Back to the Future) It is considered one of his favorite cinematic works.

Software used by an American artist Midjourney V5The AI ​​relies on a program Kilgore shared on his website to generate these images. reddit The interest of many people and sites on the Internet.

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When it comes to history, people often seem to view events from afar, and the artist says it’s difficult to make a real connection with people in the past..

Ancestors of Native Americans

So something as simple as a selfie can be a powerful tool in providing relevant, identifiable context that helps “see these people as mere names in the history books.”

“People are truly social creatures, taking pictures with friends and loved ones is universal and timeless. Looking at these pictures of smiling people from different eras makes us understand that people who lived in those times were just like us,” he said.

Caveman Ancestor

Samurai warriors in Japan.