June 3, 2023

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An app that tracks users' physical activity through artificial intelligence

An app that tracks users’ physical activity through artificial intelligence

Abu Dhabi: Abdul Rahman Saeed

Abu Dhabi University is launching a smart electronic application via mobile phones that uses artificial intelligence to follow body movements through motion and acceleration sensors to provide personalized recommendations tailored to the user. Activity rate.

The application team, consisting of 3 students Noor Abdel Ghani Deeb, Reem Ali Al-Naqib and Heba Abdel Rahman Obidat, explained that the application will be launched in the next few months, and the exceptional health conditions the world has seen are set. An incentive to contribute and help reduce the burden of routine life. We all share this, especially since some of us have problems reaching our ideal weight, while others suffer from psychological and physical exhaustion from the stresses of everyday life following Corona. International distribution.

One of the innovators, student Noor Abdel Ghani Deep, said: Our smartphone application (WellActive) offers the advantage of a smart recommendation engine based on multiple characteristics and deep learning algorithms. Interests, his favorite exercise, his body composition and his daily activity rate. .

One of the innovators, student Reem Ali Al-Naqib, explained that the application will have a user-friendly interface, once the program is downloaded to a smartphone device, the user will be able to create an account for himself and enter some information. As his favorite sport exercise, then the application will request certain permissions that will allow him to access information in a fashion, the movement and physical activity of the user is collected and analyzed by special electronic sensors located on the smartphone device.

Heba Abdel Rahman Obidat, a student and one of the innovators, pointed out that it will be available for download from application stores on Android smartphones soon as they are working on developing the app to see some more. months.

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He pointed out that different types of artificial intelligence serve humanity in various fields and sectors, as the development of artificial intelligence models plays an important role in improving the efficiency of technical and technological applications. and societies, and in our time, we are living in an unprecedented period where intelligence plays an exceptional and pioneering role in addressing some of the biggest issues facing the world at various economic, social, medical and educational levels. Intelligence is one of the most important factors that support and encourage innovation and creativity, and my team and I chose to work on developing artificial intelligence tools (smartphone application), machine learning and deep learning based on data analysis for deep intelligence and more accurate predictions.