March 29, 2023

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An artistic collaboration that brings together the fair spectrum and singers

An artistic collaboration that brings together the fair spectrum and singers

Taif Adel, Iraqi composer and distributor, has revealed his collaboration with Bahraini singer Hala Al-Durk on the new song “Magnona”, which is scheduled to be released on YouTube and social media in the next few days. He said he was composing a song titled “You Need You” with Iraqi singer Aseel Hameed from the words of Qusay Issa and composed by Mustafa al-Rupee. . He continued: I do the final touches to a new song with Iraqi singer Daisir al-Safir: “You Want to Die”, from the words of Rami al-Abudi, and composed by Maidam Ala al-Din. Iraq has the character of a rhythm and we will provide it in the coming days.

Taif Adel explained that he is collaborating with Iraqi singer Mahmoud al-Qaeda on four songs simultaneously and that he has provided patriotic songs for the Emirates and Iraq with his comrade Mustafa al-Abdullah and composer Ali Jassim. The songs mix between Emirati and Iraqi dialects.

Taif Adel confirmed the existence of a song composed by Iraqi singer Rahma Riyadh: “Padak Ahs”, composed by Mahmoud al-Qayyad and carrying the Hijazi majesty. He also pointed out his collaboration with Noor Al-Zain in his new song. Album and many solo songs.

He noted that he had produced two songs with Iraqi composer and distributor Iraqi singer Tumawa Tahsin and singer Mustafa al-Rabi, respectively, “Hbak” and “Wenko”, written by Muhammad al-Jubori and written by al-Hamim, the second poet.

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