June 5, 2023

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An expert warns… 5 mistakes office workers make that lead to back pain

Walking is a great way to tone your muscles again after sitting.

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An orthopedic expert has warned of five daily mistakes at their desks during work hours that can lead to back pain.

Dr. Juliet Hobson says many people don’t do enough to reduce stress and tension in their day-to-day jobs, and over time, the build-up of stress can lead to back pain.

Another mistake employees make in offices on a daily basis is not drinking enough water, he continues, because conserving water ensures joint lubrication, which reduces back pain.

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According to the information published by the site “Express”Doctors note that patients with back pain often do not eat enough protein-rich foods, which stimulate growth and repair within the body.

Also, when it comes to diets, too many sweets can cause back problems, as sugary snacks leave behind nutrients that stimulate inflammation and build strength in that area.

Dr. Hobson’s final warning is the simple mistake that people don’t move around enough during work hours. So everyone recommends setting reminders to do so on their phones, especially office workers.

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He continued, “People don’t know, but our physical health and our mental health are very interconnected. If the mind is tense, it means the body is in danger. The body responds to stress by shutting down the narrow muscles around the spine. , which causes these stabilizing muscles to sleep normally.” Effective so you can get out of alignment, which causes back pain.”

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He added: “It can put a lot of stress on the person, meaning a constant cycle of pain and stress. It may seem obvious, but getting up and moving for 10 minutes every 45 minutes can really make a big difference.”

He explained: “When certain muscles have been unused for a while, walking is a great way to tone the muscles again after sitting still.”

Dr Hobson has partnered with ‘Equals Money’ as part of his campaign to raise awareness of workplace stress that can lead to physical harassment.

The company conducted research on 1,500 office workers and found that 88% suffer from some form of physical pain, including back, neck or joint pain, while working.

82% of them believe that stressful situations at work contribute to their physical discomfort.

As a result, 36% said the pain distracted them from their work, and a quarter said it stopped them from enjoying activities outside of work.

When it comes to pain management, 31% of them take strong pain relievers and 47% use orthotics.

It seems that 90% of office workers suffer from stress at work. The results found that 56% face heavy workload, 31% lack of communication and 28% poor management, which are among the main causes of stress in the workplace.

Three-quarters of them said they wanted to look for a new job because of workplace stress, and 29% of them said they were looking extensively. And 60% had to leave the workplace due to stress.

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