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An expert warns of vaping’s problems on tongue health and sense of taste


Oral health experts warn that vaping can have adverse effects on health, particularly in regards to the sense of taste, a condition known as “vaping tongue”.

This condition indicates fatigue of the tongue and loss or reduced ability to taste flavors.’s dental expert, Dr. According to Rona Iskander, one of the primary causes of “tongue evaporation” is olfactory fatigue.

The Metro website confirmed that our sense of taste is closely related to our sense of smell, citing the doctor as saying, “When you use the same flavor for a long time, the olfactory receptors in your nose become accustomed to that particular smell.” As a result, you become desensitized to the taste, and it may go unnoticed or disappear temporarily.”

Likewise, if you use the same flavor of e-liquid over and over again (especially strong or high intensity) it can impair your ability to taste, while the dry mouth that vaping often causes can also play a role, as saliva is important. Involves in taste and helps… It distributes taste molecules to your taste buds.

An individual’s tastes and smoking history also affect a person’s chances of developing a vaping tongue. But the good news, according to the expert, is that the condition is temporary and should not cause permanent damage.

A second negative aspect is that this condition can complicate the detection of other health symptoms. In some cases, persistent or severe taste problems may be a symptom of oral health problems or health problems; Therefore, if a person continues to experience taste problems when vaping or using tobacco or nicotine products, it is important to consult a healthcare professional or dentist to rule out further health concerns.

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In this regard, the expert advises to keep the body hydrated, switch between different flavors of e-liquids or try coffee beans or other strong neutral scents to reset the sense of smell.

Dr. Rona added, “E-cigarette use can have many adverse effects on oral health, including dry mouth due to reduced saliva production. The ingredients in e-cigarette liquids, particularly nicotine, can constrict blood vessels in the gums, contributing to gum problems and slowing the healing of mouth ulcers.

He added, “Although generally less harmful than regular smoking, it is not without risk to oral health, and some users may experience these problems.”

If using e-cigarettes, the expert recommends maintaining proper dental hygiene and avoiding dehydration to protect your mouth, looking for other alternatives or giving up smoking altogether if possible, which is the best solution.

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