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An international research team has discovered the source of the largest earthquake on Mars


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An international team of scientists from New York University Abu Dhabi and other institutions announced the results of unprecedented research into the source of the largest seismic event ever seen on Mars. Mars planet.

NASA’s Inside lander recorded a 4.7-magnitude earthquake on May 4, 2022, and the team believed the event (which was registered under the notation “S1222a”) was caused by meteorite impacts because the seismic signal was similar to previous earthquakes on Mars. . ) was caused by a collision, and an international survey project was launched to locate the impact site.

Because of the large scope of the research, the team sought support from the European Space Agency, the China National Space Agency, New York University Abu Dhabi, the Indian Space Research Organization and the United Arab Emirates Space Agency. It is believed to be the largest such collaboration in the field of Mars exploration. Each team analyzed data from its satellites around Mars, looking for a new crater or other signs of an outside object affecting the planet — for example, the appearance of a dust cloud within hours of an earthquake. After months of searching, the team announced yesterday that they had not found a crater that could indicate a recent impact. Instead, internal events caused the earthquake. As a result, scientists are reviewing the level of seismic activity on Mars.

Lead researcher Benjamin Fernando, from Oxford and Johns Hopkins Universities, said: “This project represents the largest international effort to help solve the mystery of the S1222a tremor. We believe this is the first time that all Mars orbiters have collaborated on a joint project, and I am very grateful to all of them. “I believe this project will be a model for fruitful international cooperation in space.”

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“This was a great opportunity for me to collaborate with the INSIDE team and individuals from other major institutions. Spacecraft. Missions dedicated to exploring Mars. “We are truly living in the golden age of Mars exploration. “

The S1222a earthquake was one of the last events recorded by the InSight spacecraft before its mission ends in December 2022. The team is now using the findings and data from this study for ongoing and future research, including upcoming missions to the Moon and Titan. , Saturn’s largest moon.

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