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“An unforgettable experience.” Crocodiles “side” with people in this village in Egypt


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Have you ever thought about keeping a giant crocodile inside your home? This idea is unlikely due to the ferocious nature of reptiles. However, you may change your mind while wandering the alleys of Nubian villages in southern Egypt’s Aswan Governorate.

Egyptian travel blogger, Amr Al-Agisi, was brave enough to capture the experience of his visit on his camera. (Watch video above)

Crocodile breeding is a popular ritual in Nubian villages.

Al-Aqizi said in an interview with the CNN Arabic website: “In the past, according to the legends, many people believed that the crocodile was a very strong creature… If you know how to catch it, you are a very strong person.”

He continued: “Crocodiles provide their owners with a level of faith that prompts them to mummify them and place them in front of their homes, in the hope of bringing good luck and warding off demons.”

These rituals are customs and traditions that people inherit from one generation to another.

Today, the practice has become a way to attract tourists, especially those who want to see crocodiles up close.

Al-Aqisi explained that the reptiles are in their cages because the crocodile breeder cannot trust them and let them free.

If the crocodile leaves its cage, its mouth is tied to ensure the safety of visitors.

Crocodile environment

Crocodiles are kept in the same environment they live in, i.e. sand and water.

If you want to see it up close, feel free to check it out.

An Egyptian travel blogger described it as a truly “unforgettable experience”.

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Al-Aqisi advises you to visit Nubia in winter, especially from early November to April.

He, in turn, noted that there are no hotels in Nubia, but there are hosting houses through which you can learn more about the customs and traditions of the people of the region.

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