June 7, 2023

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Ancelotti is pleased with the fight against Chelsea and Real Madrid's tough qualification

Ancelotti is pleased with the fight against Chelsea and Real Madrid’s tough qualification

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti survived a European night at Bernabeu as his team bounced back against Chelsea’s rise to record their place in the Champions League semi-finals, despite losing 2-3 in extra time in the second leg on Tuesday.
Five weeks after recovering from a goal delay in the match against Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid advanced to the semi-finals with a 5-4 overall victory. Total score 16 3-2.
“The harder I work, the happier I am,” Ancelotti said. We lost 3-0 against Chelsea, but I don’t think we deserved it, the team performed better. We were not in a hurry to score, we did not need to, but for me Chelsea deserved to go 3-0.
Before Rodrigo converted the total to 4-4, Rodrigo made it 4-4, in which Karim Benzema scored the decisive goal.
“We won the match because we had the energy to maintain our confidence,” the Italian said. The players were brave, we played like warriors, it was a tough match, we know it, but it was very complicated. After Chelsea’s second goal, the team suffered psychologically, but the magic of this ground helps a lot to keep the players and the team from giving up.
Ancelotti said the team should calm down and evaluate on Wednesday to understand what really happened.
Ancelotti praised Chelsea’s ability to withstand pressure and said his team suffered more than usual after the suspension of top defender Eder Milito on set pieces.
“We should be proud of what we did. We had a very tough last-16 match against Paris Saint-Germain and now have to go to the semi-finals against defending champions Chelsea, so I could not be happier.”

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