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Android 12 makes Google unhappy!


A report has revealed that there is dissatisfaction and frustration within the smartphone operating system industry at Android, the company that owns the Google system, as manufacturers delay sending out periodic updates to users and switch to the latest version. Android 12 version is a significant improvement compared to previous generations.

Google revealed the basic information on Android 13 a few months ago, but the new version is still in testing and testing before it arrives in the last quarter of this year, however, version 12 of the most popular system is still among some users.

Citing a report published by Android Police, the release of Android 12 has progressed in a few months and has achieved an unprecedented spread, since the time of its release in September last year and companies have been working to update their customized versions with their official interfaces. For their phones in early 2022.

It is pointed out here that Google offers the Android platform as an open source with the freedom to make changes according to specific conditions for smartphone manufacturers, the main one being the basic reliance on Google applications and basic services, so the problem of sending updates is related. First to the manufacturers.

Google has emphasized the need for manufacturers to take over the task of sending periodic software updates to smartphone users because of the latest technologies offered by the company, including security and protecting users from hacking and data risk. leakage, as well as maintaining privacy.

Many companies have heeded Google’s advice and made updates to users before they buy new phones a key part, but the company believes the latest Android versions still need more time to reach older users, not new phones, compared to Apple’s top rival iOS. .

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The report said that there is still a large percentage of users on Android versions 8 to 11, while a smaller percentage still depend on the latest Android 12.

In Google’s platform for user ratios for the different Android versions it provides to developers, Android 12 appears to be the most popular for the first time since its launch, accounting for about 13.5% of total users.

The percentage is good when compared to the time to reach, but it is still far from the percentage of users of Android 11, which is 27%, while 18.8% of Android phones are currently running version 11 and version 9, compared to 14.5% of the popular Google system.

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