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Unlock the easiest way to get EU citizenship of Slovenia and Romania with Union Permits


Due to the nature of their immigration programs, Slovenia and Romania are the European countries where it is easier to get EU citizenship. In these states, newcomers can obtain a passport via repatriation in less than two years. The resettlement requirements in Romania and Slovenia are significantly easier to meet than in other countries of Europe. Full information on the repatriation program can be given by the specialists of the immigration company Union Permits. By contacting them, you will receive comprehensive instructions on how to get EU citizenship this way and legal assistance throughout the resettlement process.

Acquiring a passport in Romania and Slovenia has a number of peculiarities that must be taken into before relocation. Acquiring citizenship in these countries through repatriation consists of the following phases:

1. Preparation of documents

The first step is to collect the certificates required to be submitted to the Romanian or Slovenian Ministry of Justice. To get citizenship via repatriation, additional documentation is needed. When applying for Slovenian nationality this way, you should prepare a proof of ethnic affiliation to the state, and in Romania – territorial one. All documents must be properly prepared. This means translating them into a target language and notary certification. Only competent specialists should be entrusted with these tasks, as improper processing will lead to rejection of the citizenship application.

2. Submitting an application

The completed package of documents must be submitted to the immigration authorities for verification and processing. After the application is made, additional examinations are required to be passed, including a language test. Also, demonstrating level of integration into society and knowledge of local traditions, history and culture is mandatory to get EU citizenship.

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3. Taking the oath

Immigration officers take several months to make a decision on the person’s case. If their response is positive, you will have to attend the oath-taking ceremony on the appointed day. You will need to swear in the official language of Slovenia or Romania in order to get a citizenship certificate. 

4. Registration of documents

Becoming a valid European national requires having the appropriate certificates. Once you get a certificate of Slovenian or Romanian citizenship, you can register internal EU documents. These include ID card, international passport, birth certificate and others. After acquiring these certificates, you will officially get the right to freely live and work in any European Union country.

Union Permits clients. EU flag

Union Permits: pioneering excellence in immigration law services 

Union Permits specializes in assisting people wishing to get citizenship in Romania or Slovenia. Experts of that company constantly monitor the changes in the laws of these countries and therefore provide only up-to-date information about immigration. In addition, this organization has qualified lawyers who provide practical assistance to ensure that the customer can easily get EU citizenship.

Description of Union Permits legal services:

  • Individual consultations in a convenient format for the client

From Union Permits experts you can get detailed explanations of Slovenian and Romanian immigration laws. This is done either in the office, over the phone or in other ways, depending on the client’s requirements. During the consultation, the specialists analyze the customer’s situation in depth. They help them to determine whether they have sufficient grounds to apply for EU citizenship through repatriation. In addition, they explain what steps should be taken to get a European passport. When providing services, Union Permits lawyers report on their actions. This way, cooperation with this organization is transparent and convenient.

  • Documentation support
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The process of collecting certificates needed to get EU citizenship is overseen by specialists. They provide an accurate listing of the documents and advice on gathering them in the easiest way. They also help with their preparation for submission. When working with Union Permits, the client sends the collected certificates to the experts for inspection and preparation. The professionals check whether they are of sufficient quality for further processing and, in case of non-compliance with the standards, help with their reissuance. Union Permits lawyers also translate the collected documents into the chosen country’s language and get them notarized.

  • Guidance during visits to Ministries of Justice and consulates

Union Permits experts help to get visas to enter Slovenia or Romania and to apply to relevant authorities there. They communicate with officials on the client’s behalf and provide advice on the necessary procedures for obtaining citizenship. The entire process of acquiring a European passport is managed by Union Permits specialists. This ensures that the customer avoids mistakes when completing the legal procedures of obtaining EU citizenship through repatriation.

  • Keeping track of a client’s case at the Ministry of Justice

Processing documents at immigration authorities and waiting for a positive decision from officials is time-consuming. It is necessary to monitor these procedures to be aware of any important announcements from the government. Union Permits has representatives in Romania and Slovenia. They oversee the progress of the client’s case at the Ministry of Justice and provide necessary information via phone.

  • Assistance with the registration of EU documents
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After completing all the procedures required to get European citizenship, Union Permits lawyers provide legal support during the passport obtaining process. They help to obtain the documents needed to reside in Europe, guiding on necessary procedures and helping with filling out application forms.

Cooperation with Union Permits. Reviews

Conclusions and recommendations

To ensure that the client gets the Slovenian or Romanian citizenship through repatriation in the easiest possible way, Union Permits lawyers offer all essential legal services. Reviews about having a poor personal experience while cooperating with this organization are absent on the Internet. The company operates according to official agreements, which guarantee strict execution of all services at fixed prices.

According to numerous reviews on the Internet, main advantages of working with Union Permits are:

  • Free initial consultation;
  • Full support at all stages of citizenship acquisition process;
  • Expert assistance available remotely;
  • Convenient and up to date consultations;
  • Free legal services for clients’ children up to the age of fourteen.

Union Permits has a strong online reputation for being transparent and reliable. With the assistance of its specialists, there is virtually no risk of being denied citizenship and deportation. We recommend contacting Union Permits for comprehensive information on how to get Slovenian/Romanian passport. Obtaining the company lawyers’ assistance is also advisable to ensure that all procedures of EU citizenship acquisition will proceed in the easiest ways.

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