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Android 14 Beta 3 will extend the battery life of the smartphone


Google intends to extend the battery life with the Android 14 Beta 3 operating system. By dimming the screen background and holding charge longer than before.

Android 14

And in earlier versions of the operating system android. Switch to battery saving mode. Where the phone moves to dark mode, this will allow the phone to work longer.

Also, some apps are limited or stop running in the background to reduce charging consumption and prevent them from quickly eating up battery power.

As for fading the wallpaper in previous versions. Use sleep time mode to turn the background black and reduce battery usage.

But with Android 14 beta 3, when the power saving mode is enabled on your smartphone. Your smartphone wallpaper will automatically become dark.

Google is bringing that feature to its latest platform. After complaints about its Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro phones.

Although these phones have a large battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh. However, it does not withstand the usage and running of apps and games and needs to be charged frequently.

When the wallpaper on your smartphone turns black or dark. It creates more contrast with dark backgrounds and bright app icons. This makes it easier to find specific apps on the home screen, especially at night.

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And with Android 14 Beta 3, Ultra Power Saving Mode no longer has a separate menu and has become part of the Power Saving Mode page.

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And in Ultra Power Saving mode, many more features are disabled. Only the essential apps you add to the main list will be used.

Finally, to enable Ultra Battery Mode, go to Settings on your smartphone, then tap Battery, Battery Saver, then tap the button next to Extreme Battery Saver.

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