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Android 14, the first beta version, is coming to users… What’s new?


Google has officially announced the launch of the first beta version of Android 14 for smartphones, so that users of Pixel phones manufactured by the same company can try the next version of the most popular operating system before its official release.

Google launches new updates from its platform, and Android 14 will be launched in 2023, but before the official release, developers are given open trial copies to see what’s new the company is preparing for the system. It has arrived for the annual trial version for Pixel devices and anyone can download it and check out the system.

In a statement from the company, Google confirmed that the first public beta version of Android 14 is already available, allowing users of any Pixel phone starting with the Pixel 4A 5G (not all Pixel 4 models) to download and preview it. Before the official reveal.

The public beta version is exclusive to Google Pixel devices, and no other phone from any other company — or the generation prior to the Pixel 4a 5g — can use it.

Most significant changes

As this is the first beta version of Android 14, not many new features can be seen yet, although some changes have been mentioned in gesture navigation – touch with movement – privacy and performance, in addition to customization capabilities for the display to the user’s liking.

The first change is a different back arrow, which is located on the far side of the screen as in the picture, now when you enjoy gesture navigation, you will see a more visible back arrow when interacting with an app. To help improve the understanding and usefulness of back gestures, the color and design of this arrow typically matches user-defined background colors or screen display colors.

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Google is trying to put an end to the back arrow located at the bottom of the screen, expecting users to rely entirely on touch gesture navigation.

There’s also a change in the Content Sharing page – the page you click on when you click Share using a computer, as Android 14 gives developers more control over where they can place their app services, simplify their use, and get many more benefits. options.

Google said the new sharing page experience is “better” compared to the current situation on Android, as shown by the ability to organize the most used and alphabetical sharing destinations to make the process easier and faster. The following image.

Android 14

Other features that Google has talked about on previous occasions, Android 14 will include design and display changes, transition effects, and improved language settings that will automatically configure apps to support languages ​​according to preferences based on each app.

Privacy is enhanced by allowing apps to control the visibility of sensitive data to accessibility services that claim to help users with disabilities. These claims are verified by Google through the Google Play Protect program.

The company insists that the latest change is a safeguard to prevent more vulnerable users from accidentally transferring money or accidentally paying in a shopping app.

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