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Angelina Jolie is gearing up to launch a new clothing and jewelry line


stretch / International superstar Angelina Jolie appears to be expanding her horizons with a new fashion line, as British newspaper “The Sun” reported that the 47-year-old actress, who is still engaged in contentious divorce negotiations with ex-husband Brad Pitt. , plans to launch a new line focused on apparel and jewelry.

A source said she has already applied for a global trademark under the name Atelier Jolie, adding, “Angelina has been working on the project for over a year and is hoping to get the trademark approved so she can move forward with her new project.”

Angelina Jolie’s elegance is evident in the simplicity of her look

The source hinted at expansion plans for the new company, which will include everything from personalized jewelry to haute couture and tailoring.

“The project is still in its infancy, but the wheels are in motion,” the source explained. It’s also clear that Jolie isn’t limiting her new line to clothing and jewelry, as it’s said to include bedding and other home goods.

Angelina Jolie may have difficulty using the name Atelier Jolie

However, The Sun also pointed out that Jolie may have trouble trademarking her new line, as New York-based artist Omnia Julie Abdu Atelier already has a website for her artwork using the name Julie.

Angelina Jolie established a foothold in the jewelry world over a decade ago with the launch of her Style of Jolie jewelry line, the report said, and it appears the line’s last major launch was in 2018.

While there’s no word yet on what kind of clothing Atelier Julie will focus on, the Oscar winner is most likely in good hands, having been a style icon for her sizzling red carpet looks in the ’90s.

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Angelina Jolie is dating a famous billionaire.. Will she enter into a new love story?

On the other hand, it is noteworthy that international star Angelina Jolie, 47, appeared – earlier – with British billionaire environmentalist David Rothschild, 44, at a Malibu restaurant in New York where they continued their lunch session. Three hours

Angelina Jolie on a lunch date

The paparazzi lenses could not decide whether the date was love or work, as signs of joy and happiness appeared on the faces of the couple, raising the question of whether Angelina Jolie had entered into a new love affair.

Jolie wore a sleek black dress that showed off her entire midriff, and she accessorized with black heels and sunglasses as the star posed for pictures walking to her car with David Rothschild, one of the richest men. The world seemed to be in good spirits as they laughed and laughed with Julie.

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