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Announcing the 2023 Apple Awards Winning Apps and Games



Wednesday, 07 June 2023 at 10:00 p.m

Apple has officially announced Apps and Games Best Design Award Winner Apple Design Awards For the year 2023.

Apple previously announced the final list of nominees, which will be unveiled at the start of its annual developer conference WWDC 2023 12 apps and games in 6 different categories About winning apps and games, all available on the Apple App Store.According to the website aitnews.

It has been reported that the winning developers will receive a unique memento in the form of an aluminum cube bearing the Apple logo and the name of their app or game..

“Apps and games are an integral part of how we live, work and play,” said Susan Prescott, vice president of corporate communications at the Apple Developer Conference. At Apple, we like to recognize great developers who demonstrate incredible creativity and design excellence. As for the winning apps and games, they are as follows:

application Universe: It helps users create websites easily.

game Stitch: A pleasant embroidery game that offers plenty of accessibility options to help visually impaired people enjoy the game.

Category “Happy and Fun”

application Duolingo: A popular app to learn languages ​​in an interesting way.

game After place: A retro adventure game that can be controlled with one hand.

Category “Communication”

application Flight: A travel application with an attractive interface based on Apple technologies.

game Rail Route: A puzzle game with simple controls.

Category “Social Impact”

application Header: An app that helps you reduce stress and relax through mindfulness and breathing exercises.

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game Conclusion: An amazing game where the player sees the world through the eyes of the last fox on the planet after it has been destroyed by a terrible cataclysm.

Category “Optics and Graphics”

application Any distance: A unique app to track sports activities and share with community of users using social networking system.

game Resident Evil Village: A horror and adventure game made with technology Metal 3

Category “Innovation”

application Swingvision: An application that trains the user in the game of tennis, and is based on an artificial intelligence processing unit Nerve machine And the iPhone camera.

game Marvel Snap: A card game with unique animation effects.

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