March 25, 2023

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Aoun wants to expedite the criminal audit of Ban Ki-moon

Lebanese President Michael Aun on Wednesday expressed his hope to expedite the criminal financial audit process on Bank to Liban accounts.

During President Aun’s reception today, James Daniel, General Manager of “Alvarez and Marcel” and Paul Sharma were present in the presence of Finance Minister Dr.

The delegation said, “After completing all the arrangements related to this, the President will conduct a criminal audit of the financial accounts of the Lebanese bank starting tomorrow morning.”

For his part, President Aun wanted the delegation to “expedite the work due to the accuracy of the work entrusted to the company”.

The Committee of Ministers agreed on July 21 last year to use “Alvarez & Marcel” to carry out criminal investigations in Bank to Liban.

The House of Representatives, at its session on December 21 last year, approved the suspension of banking secrecy for a period of one year.


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