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تطبيق البريد Mail في أجهزة ابل

Apple enhances mail usage for iPhone, iPad and Mac with Gmail features

Apple has announced that it has upgraded the use of email on its devices, as part of newer versions of its operating system, including many of the most popular Google services for managing email Gmail on the iPhone, iPad or Mac. The new Venetura, whether iOS 16, iPadOS 16 or Mac system, includes a set of basic features that users need, especially the ability to plan email sending and more precise searches.

What are the features of the new Mail app coming for iPhone, iPad and Mac?

The most important new features that users of the mail app on iPhone, iPad and Mac will get are the latest update in late 2022:

– Highly accurate search experience

A new update to Apple’s application for managing email mail on its devices provides smart features to improve search results and get more accurate results, so typography errors can be corrected automatically and words similar to search terms can be used. Real-time during search, it helps to find the most relevant search terms for what the user wants to access.

Warn the user if a part of the message is forgotten

The default mail application on Apple devices is one of the features available to users if they forget to attach the file to the message or add recipients to the message. Gmail For a long time.

News planning

This allows the user to plan for sending emails on the iPhone, iPad or Mac through the Apple Email app, thus allowing users to schedule a later date for sending the message, which gives them the opportunity to retreat and better manage time.

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– Remind me of the news that came later

This is a feature that allows you to receive alerts to watch a message later and respond to it.

The new iOS 16 for the iPhone will get the iOS 16 features and update

More about:

– Ignore sending

If you find that there are typos or changes in the email you send, new features in Apple’s Mail app on Mac, iPad and iPhone may override the message within a specified period of time.

Follow the messages conveniently to follow

The Mail application on Apple devices, with the latest updates to the operating systems of the iPhone, iPad and Mac, also allows the ability to move important messages to the top of the inbox to make it easier to track responses.

– Preview linked links

And with the latest update to Apple’s email app for users of its user devices, users will be able to preview links just as links appear on social networking and messaging apps.

Earlier in June 2022, Apple hosted its annual Developer Conference wwdc22It unveiled new versions of the operating system for its various devices, including its new processor, the Apple M2 and a device. MacBook Air with the new M2 processor.