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Apple entered the marathon of artificial intelligence competitions


California (USA) – Apple has been quietly working on AI tools to challenge OpenAI, Google and others, but it has yet to lay out a clear strategy for bringing the technology to consumers.

The iPhone maker has built its own framework to create massive language models, the artificial intelligence-based systems that are at the heart of the design of new products such as ChatGBT and Cool, people familiar with the effort told Bloomberg.

Using Ajax technology, Apple created a chatbot service that some engineers call Apple GPT.

The artificial intelligence project has become a high-profile effort at Apple over the past few months, with several teams collaborating to work on the project, who asked not to be identified for confidentiality as the company tries to address potential privacy concerns associated with the technology.

While Apple has been incorporating AI features into its products for years, it is now creating interesting tools in the market like Microsoft’s Chat GPT, Cool and Bing AI, which can write articles, design images and videos based on text commands.

Apple has not steered clear of the artificial intelligence frenzy, and its flagship product for artificial intelligence, the voice assistant “Siri,” has stagnated in recent years.

However, the company has made strides in artificial intelligence in other areas, such as enhancing photos and searching on the iPhone, and has a better version of AutoCorrect added to its mobile devices this year.

CEO Tim Cook has been cautious in his public comments about new streaming AI services coming to market, saying on a conference call in May that despite the technology’s potential there are still “many issues to be resolved.”

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Cook also said the company is “really looking” at the possibility of rolling out a chatbot. Behind the scenes, as generative AI promises to change the way people interact with phones, computers and other technology, Apple is increasingly concerned that it could miss out on a major shift in how devices work.

For this reason, Apple’s devices may suffer in line with the progress made by the company in the field of artificial intelligence. Apple is laying the foundation for AI services via AJAX technology, as well as a tool like ChatGPT for internal use. Notably, Ajax technology was introduced last year to coordinate the development of machine learning within Apple.

The Ajax framework is currently used to build large language models, and serves as the basis for a new in-house tool for ChatGPT.

Apple’s new chatbot app was piloted by a small group of engineers late last year. But internal rollout of the app was initially halted due to security concerns about the AI.

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