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Apple fears the wrath of its users just days before the launch of the iPhone 15 due to the USB-C port


Written by Muhammad Ayman

Tuesday, September 05, 2023 at 06:00 AM

After years of fighting the European Union’s push for a common phone charging port, Apple will finally switch to USB-C this year, predicts Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman at a September 12 event to announce the switch to USB-C, emphasizing the benefits. What it brings to the consumer.

Apple executives, according to gsmarena, are worried about a backlash from users like they did when they first introduced the Lightning port (and ditched the ubiquitous 30-pin connector).

Apple will include cables USB-C With new iPhones, but they don’t include a charger in the retail package starting with the iPhone 12, the last generation to include a charger is the 11, and that charger is USB-A powered (like previous generations).

Gorman added that Apple is looking at metal 3D printing to speed up the manufacturing process for device casings, which is faster and more sustainable because it wastes less material.

The Apple Watch Series 9 will be the first product to use 3D printers and its cases will be printed from stainless steel.If all goes well, Apple will start using titanium for the Watch Urdla next year.

Titanium is definitely a new material used in model cases iPhone 15 ProSmall scale success could help Apple turn its larger devices (iPhone and iPad) into 3D printed parts.

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