June 2, 2023

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Apple is launching mixed reality glasses within a week

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple plans to unveil one of its more unusual products in the next few weeks.

A mixed reality glasses that combine augmented reality and virtual reality in one device, the newspaper reported, citing sources.

For example, users who wear mixed-reality glasses in the sports industry will be able to experience their virtual worlds through a screen in the glasses while also seeing the physical world around them, people familiar with the project said. At the same time thanks to external cameras.

A beta version of this new product is expected to be unveiled at Apple’s annual developer conference in June.

People familiar with Apple’s supply chains indicated that the first batch of mixed reality glasses is not expected to be delivered to most users until the fall at the earliest.

The newspaper pointed out that the new glasses will cost around three thousand dollars, or twice the price of virtual reality glasses currently available from rival companies such as Meta (Facebook).
Some who have tested it say that its ability to be more efficient and interactive is superior to its competitors.

Some see it as a great way to improve education by making certain types of training more experiential, and may one day help surgeons perform surgery.

Production and export expectations for 2023 are estimated to be between 200,000 and 300,000 units.

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