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Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 147 with Magos Ventura Features


Apple today Has released a new update For Safari Technology PreviewApple browser test First introduced March 2016. Apple designs the “Safari Technology Preview” to test features that may be introduced in future versions of Safari.

The current version of “Safari Technology Preview” is included in the Safari 16 update and includes a number of features. macOS Ventura. It adds live text support for videos and images, newer web technologies, web push basics, enhanced web extensions in Safari, and more, with Apple tips below.

Many new Safari 16 features are now available in Safari Technology Preview 147:

  • Live text. Select the text in the videos in the MacOS Ventura beta on the Apple Silicon based Mac and translate the text into images on the web.
  • Internet technologies. Experiment with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other web technologies in Safari 16 Beta and have been included in previous Safari Technology Preview releases.
  • Web Bush. Send notifications to select people on your website or web application with Safari Technology Preview on MacOS Ventura betas.
  • Password keys. Check out a preview of the new types of anti-phishing certificates that make logging in to websites safer and easier. Available with Safari’s WebAuthn operating system authentication. To learn more about passwords, see the Meet Pass keys.
  • Improved Safari web extensions. Tests API improvements, including the ability to open the Safari Web Extension popover.
  • Web Inspector Extensions. Create a custom tool for use in Web Inspector or modify an existing developer tool extension.
  • Flexbox Inspector. To quickly and easily understand the layout of items with Flexbox, use the new Visualization Overlay in Web Analyzer. It refers to both the gap and the gap between the flex materials, revealing how they affect the result.

Shared tab groups, sync for tab groups, web settings and web extensions are not enabled in this version.

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The latest development from “Safari Technology Preview” is compatible with drivers running MacOS 13 Ventura and earlier versions of Safari Technology Preview. According to Apple, the MacOS Big Sur will not receive Safari Technology Preview updates.

Safari Technology Preview update is available to everyone through the software update mechanism in the system options. I downloaded the browser. There is a full version specification for the update On the Safari Technology Preview website.

Apple’s mission with the Safari Technology Preview is to gather feedback from developers and users on the browser development process. Safari Technology Preview runs in conjunction with your current Safari browser, and although it is designed for developers, no download developer account is required.

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