March 31, 2023

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April 2 is the first day of Ramadan

April 2 is the first day of Ramadan

The director of the International Astronomical Center, Mohammed Shawqat Odeh, confirmed that the month of Sha’ban began on Friday, March 4 in most Islamic countries. Accordingly, the crescent trial of the month of Ramadan will be held on Friday, the 29th of Sha’ban, which coincides with the first of April. It said, “It is not possible to see the crescent next Friday with the naked eye from anywhere in the Islamic world. , The telescope can only be used from the simplest ends of the West African continent, and with great difficulty, and with great difficulty in some parts of the American continent with the naked eye. Also, looking at it, in that day, the use of astronomical imaging technology was very difficult, only possible in the case of absolute purity of the atmosphere.

Odeh explained on Friday that it is possible to see the crutch through a telescope from some parts of the Islamic world. It is customary for most countries in the Islamic world to announce the beginning of the month of Ramadan the next day, Saturday, as all parts of the Islamic world converge before sunset and after sunset. On the second of April, its waiting period will be 30 days.

He added: “For some countries, which require only the naked eye to have the right view or the right local view, it is expected that the blessed month of Ramadan will begin on Sunday, April 3rd. Some of them will be 29 days and others 30 days. ” .

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