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Arc Browser is available for Windows


Arc, the former Mac-only web browser from The Browser, is coming to Windows. In a post on X, the company announced that Windows beta invitations have arrived in inboxes starting today. This comes after requests from Windows users who wanted to try Arc. In September, the company said it already had more than 500,000 signups on its Windows waiting list, and that number is expected to grow as the waiting list remains open to new users who want to try the Arc Experience.

According to TechCrunch, the browser plans to continue the onboarding process throughout the month before “rapidly” ramping up the rollout of invites in the new year. While the company hasn’t said whether the Windows version will have Mac-like premium features, we do know features like Peek (which lets you preview a link before opening it in its own tab) and Little Arc (a lightweight browser). ) a window to quickly view something) is currently being moved. As the Windows version is still in beta, users may notice many missing features, but these will come with updates.

The browser company describes Arc as a better way to use the web. The goal is to provide a cleaner, quieter experience that helps users better organize their time online. Arc certainly has some features that set it apart from other browsers like Safari, Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

One of its standout features, launched this spring, is that it lets you customize (or modify) any website. There is a sidebar with your bookmarks and tabs. We’re all guilty of having a million tabs open at once, and Archiving helps prevent clutter. This means you always have a fresh, neat place to work. You also have the option of creating spaces to store research for individual projects. Impatient Windows users can finally give it a try once they’ve been selected from the waiting list anyway.

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