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Are there enough training opportunities for the latest graduates in 2021?


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Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Training opportunities are becoming more important during this period as companies in the region tend to hire more trainees, invest in projects that help their development, and offer full-time job opportunities after their training. Done. To shed light on the role of training in the career development process, a new survey was conducted entitled “Training Opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa”.

In this study, employers offer trainees more opportunities to improve their knowledge and gain practical skills. Interestingly, the majority of respondents (73%) confirmed that training opportunities were widely available in the country of their residence.

Tools often used to find training opportunities

They use a number of tools to search for training opportunities in the region, especially online job sites (72%), corporate websites (9%), social media (7%) and personal networking (3%). And skills, and experience that will help their academic, professional and personal development.

The importance of coaches to organizations

According to the survey, 52% of companies offer internship opportunities continuously, 60% of companies offer a full-time job to a trainee, while 20% sometimes offer trainees a job after the job is completed.

The survey shows that the benefits of training are not limited to coaches because companies appear to have the most important benefits: training opportunities also benefit companies: identifying capabilities for future vacancies (55%), assisting teams or small departments (3%), and low cost (2%) Completion of projects that do not require significant experience, and filling temporary and seasonal vacancies (2%) quickly, while 38% of respondents said the training helps them to deliver all the above benefits to themselves. Companies

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The survey shows that in addition to providing more training opportunities for graduates, employers also offer opportunities for students, with 68% of respondents saying that students should enroll in practical training programs before graduating from their university. The majority of respondents (81%) expect growth in distance training opportunities over the next few months, with 91% of respondents saying it provides a better career path for students after graduation to increase their chances of getting a job. University courses.

The importance of training opportunities for professionals

According to respondents, it offers a variety of benefits to trainees, including job experience (43%), developing new skills and knowledge (5%), building a network of relationships with professionals (2%) and learning about their area. Interest and professional ability (2%), 48% said that training opportunities offer all the benefits mentioned above.

Survey respondents identify training opportunities as a set of the most attractive factors and help make the optimal decision, including company / job type (72%), project type and job responsibilities (19%). , The possibility of calculating financial income (6%) and university loan time (3%).

The most important skills

For the most important skills that trainers should have, companies are looking for professionals with communication and teamwork skills (42%), time management skills (4%), creative skills (3%) and research and analysis skills (3%), 47% of trainees mentioned above Said to have all the skills.

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