June 9, 2023

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ARM shows the power of its technologies through its own processor

belbalady.net According to recent reports, ARM develops its own semiconductors to demonstrate the capabilities of its products, and it is worth noting that the company does not plan to compete with its own products. Instead, ARM aims to demonstrate what mobile apps developed with its technology can do on devices such as computers/laptops and smartphones.

For example, Qualcomm sometimes builds a phone to showcase features of its new flagship processor, but it’s a prototype product and not for sale.

If the rumors are true, ARM will collaborate with manufacturing partners to develop new semiconductors. The developed app will be a prototype for use on both laptops and smartphones. The company is hoping to get more trading partners and increase its market value before the next IPO, but there is a big catch.

The success of Apple’s M series of processors stems from the harmony between software and hardware. The company has provided strong support for its new processors from day one and has forced all applications in the market to work with these ARM-based processors.

When we look at Windows, we see a traditional operating system that supports the x86 architecture. Although Microsoft has an operating system for ARM-based processors, it is not complete. Hence, it will be a bit difficult to showcase the capabilities of the upgraded processor. However, it is worth waiting for official announcements from the company regarding further developments.


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