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Arm swelling during exercise.. Worried?


Arm swelling is common during exercise, but the cause of this condition is not entirely clear, as the condition results from the way the body and blood vessels respond to the increased demand on the muscles during exercise.

During exercise, in addition to the muscles working during exercise, blood flow to the heart and lungs increases, and this leads to a decrease in the amount of blood flowing to the hands, which makes them feel cold. The blood vessels in the hands dilate in response, leading to swelling of the hands.

Muscles generate heat during exercise, and the body pushes blood to blood vessels near the skin to dissipate the heat. It causes sweating in the body and also leads to swelling of the hands.

In some cases, professional athletes suffer from hyponatremia, and this condition indicates that the salts (sodium) in the blood are less than normal, and swelling of the fingers and hands can be an indicator of hyponatremia.

Other symptoms, such as confusion and vomiting, may be more noticeable than swelling. Hyponatremia is a serious condition that requires immediate treatment.

Tips to reduce inflammation

There is no surefire way to prevent or reduce most cases of exercise-related swelling of the hands, but the following tips can reduce the problem:

  • Remove the rings and loosen the watch band before starting to exercise.
  • Move your arms back and forth in a circular motion at different times during the exercise.
  • Extend your fingers and spread them, then tighten your hands and raise them above heart level. Repeat this while exercising.
  • Use a walking stick while walking to contract your arm muscles.
  • Wear gloves that fit well, but should not be too tight.
  • Drink fluids with a higher percentage of salts during exercise, such as sports drinks that contain electrolytes.

Benefits of exercise

Don’t forget that exercise can help improve your health and fitness without harming your joints, because exercise can work to:

  • Strengthening the muscles around the joints.
  • Maintaining bone strength.
  • Gives more energy to use throughout the day.
  • A good night’s sleep will make it easier.
  • Control your body weight.
  • Improve your quality of life.
  • Improve your balance.
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