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Arofel launches this fall; Game trailer and screenshots


RWBY: Arrowfell launches this fall; Game trailer and screenshots

RWBY: Arrowville will be launched for PlayStation 5And this Xbox seriesAnd this PlayStation 4And this Xbox OneAnd this changeAnd this Computer Through this fall of steam, the main The path forward declared.

The new trailer, which will debut at RTX Austin 2022, features an updated look at the battle mechanics, puzzles, visuals and gameplay of the game.

Here’s an overview of the game via WayForward:


Includes a written story RWBY Book by Gary Shawcross, Miles ColorRivas Valley, RWBY: Arrowville It puts players in control of a team from RWBY – Ruby Rose, Ace Chani, Blake Baldonna and Yong Xiao Long – once they’re transformed into fully licensed hunters. RWBY Volume 7. Players can instantly switch between characters using their signature weapons – Ruby’s Crescent Rose, Weiss Myrtle, Blake’s Gamble Shroud, Young’s Amber Clearing – as they battle Grimm creatures and other enemies. fight As they explore places around Atlas, Mantle, and the surrounding forests, the RWBY team will complete missions for familiar characters like General Ironwood and Ace (as well as ordinary civilians). Shadows.

Players must use Team RWBY skins to use in and out of battle. Ruby’s Title Burst allows her to dodge attacks and run to distant locations; Weiss glyphs create usable platforms that explode into attack shards; Shows the shadow of a plague doppelgänger that can attack and activate pressure plates; Yang’s Burn is a ground punch that deals damage and destroys obstacles. By combining characters, players can solve increasingly complex environmental puzzles, and can make each character’s appearance more useful. Additionally, by collecting skill points, players can customize and upgrade Team RWBY’s features, including melee attack, ranged attack, defense, and energy regeneration.

completeness A job They are a novel RWBYFeaturing the original cast (including Lindsay Jones as Robbie, Kara Eberle as Weiss, Arn Zak as Blake, and Barbara Dunkelman as a teenager), all-new, broadcast-quality clips, a great soundtrack from composer Dale North, and a brand-new voice. Casey Lee Williams song.

Key features

  • Play as the four members of Team RWBY – Ruby, Wise, Blake and Young – each with their own unique weapons and abilities! Switch between them on the go!
  • Use each character’s characters to gain an edge in battle and solve puzzles!
  • Shows skills RWBYOriginal voice cast and new song by Casey Lee Williams!
  • A new central story takes place this time RWBY Size 7 RWBY Writers Keri Shawcross, Miles Luna and Eddie Rivas!
  • Explore different non-linear environments in Atlas, Mantle and surroundings!
  • Interact with familiar characters like Benny, Winter, General Ironwood, and Haas, as well as new faces like Team BRIR!
  • Collect skill points to increase the stats of your RWBY team!

Watch the trailer below. View a collection of screenshots in the gallery.

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