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Art designs in Dubai are the essence of sustainability and innovation


Modern art designs based on heritage and crafts in Dubai are making a growing path in the cultural and creative industry sectors under the umbrella of sustainability and innovation inspired by the local environment and its famous heritage. These designs document and introduce the cultural history of the UAE through modern templates with exceptional content based on globally influenced views and artistic practices.

In context, Hind bin Tamidan, Founder and CEO of Hamzad Wasl Creative Consultancy, says: Traditional arts and crafts designs in Dubai are a strong foundation for promoting the contribution of the cultural and creative industry sector to achieving and promoting sustainable development. The presence and position of the UAE as a global destination that attracts expertise and creative talent, and the ability to create plastic and artistic content within Dubai’s creative and cultural community, believes that a return to the past is indeed a success. For the future, and to secure the gains of the present.

Lisa Balichkar, deputy director of the Tashkeel Art Center in Dubai, explained that there is a close connection between design ideas and scientific solutions to achieve balance in the field of creativity and art. Solutions to the challenges facing societies and the environment, with the aim of highlighting the critical role that design plays in addressing pressing global issues.

Lisa adds: The Tashkeel Center in Dubai hosts exhibitions and workshops to foster participation in art practice, support capacity building and develop art-loving audiences in the UAE.

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Based on the idea of ​​focusing on highlighting the nature of local identity and its vocabulary as part of artwork culture, interior designer Qawla Al Balushi affirmed that many of his artworks and practices are first inspired by the natural environment, culture. He seeks to focus on the UAE and traditional Emirati architectural elements and forms in his contemporary designs, and to achieve this he uses sustainable processes and environmentally friendly materials. Nostalgia for the traditions of the past by celebrating this ancient tree, “Al Oud” in Emirati dialect means a group of kaff trees gathered in one place.

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Attracting the audience to eco-friendly design, the idea of ​​work and its practical applications, artist and designer Ibrahim Azwar says: My design for “Fractional” seating, inspired by the Emirati environment, embodies the essence of sustainability and simplicity and elegance while representing unity, strength and synergy, and its Its name derives from what the shape of the structure is. The exterior is an infinite shape, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole.

On the importance of integrating design ideas with materials inspired by the local environment, 3D designer Huda Al-Aythan says: Before a local craftsman piqued my interest in Safifa, I had never embraced the concept of sustainability in my practices. At that time, he decided to explore sustainability and its applications aimed at protecting communities through a design that celebrates the craft of “safifah”, which refers to palm weaving, in addition to preserving his craft practices in the twenty-first century. The three-dimensional design of the pieces in the form of fronds, and metal, evil and light represents the perpetuation of craft history for the future.

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