April 1, 2023

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Artist Shereen’s Official Statement on Divorce from Hosam Habib

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Following rumors and speculation that Egyptian actress Sherin Abdel Wahab has separated from her husband Hosam Habib, the artist has settled the controversy and released an official statement after her husband Hosam Habib was released after the Lebanese media outlet Nidal al-Ahmadiyah. In an interview with him he mentioned the split.

Sherin said in a statement: In light of the news on Egyptian and Arab websites, star Sherin Abdel Wahab has announced that she has already split, including that her husband Hosam Habib has split. The reasons for the separation belong only to her and, according to the Egyptians, there is no need to go into details of her personal life.

The statement added, “Star Sherin Abdel Wahab urges the press and all media outlets to respect her personal life, to scrutinize the accuracy of what has been published and not to publish any news or auctions that could harm her person. It happened completely quietly. All the reports reported in this regard are baseless and come within the framework of turning the facts upside down, emphasizing that she has the utmost respect for Hossam Habib.

Sherin explained in her statement: “This statement will resolve the controversy on this issue and come within the framework of respect for her fans and the owners of the decent pens who will always support her in all the difficult situations she faces. She will always support her success.”

Sherin Abdel Wahab also confirmed that she and her audience have decided to open a new page, and stressed that she has given her life to her art and her two daughters, Mary, especially since she has recently moved away from her audience and her art and wants to return to the scene strongly in the future, a little more. As there are plans, a lot of arts are preparing for it to entertain its millions of fans in the Arab world.


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