March 30, 2023

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Artists and poets sing Union Day in Tibet al-Fujairah

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The “Fujairah Emirate of Fujairah Celebration Group” hosted a concert at the Al-Fateh Theater in Thiba Al-Fujairah, in which star artists and poets celebrated the event. The evening opened with a giant light display of fireworks that stunned tens of thousands of participants, and lit up the skies of Tipu Al Fujairah in a joyous festive atmosphere coupled with the country’s fiftieth anniversary celebrations. Emirati artist Khalid Mohammed performed a variety of songs unique to the traditional Emirati melody and folk lyrics, and they delighted the audience. The Emirati artist, Hassa al-Tanhani, participated in a group of songs written and sung by the most famous Emirati and Gulf Nabat poets, and attracted the audience who loved these lyrics.

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Audiences were also in touch with the performance of Kuwaiti artist Shams, who sang his previous and latest songs. Emirati artist Abdullah Balker presented his lyrics, and amidst the remarkable interaction of the audience he performed his ensemble of songs, which gained much popularity and audience in his artistic career.

The festival will feature poetry passages featuring poets from Tibba al-Fujairah, including poet Faisal al-Mauh, poet Muhammad Ali al-Yamahi and poet Saeed Sabeel al-Tanhani, who sang enthusiastic patriotic poems expressing feelings of pride and joy. On the state’s 50th Union Day. The art evening took place in a joyous festive atmosphere, with large crowds of people from inside and outside the United Arab Emirates celebrating the golden national event.


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