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As Altman returns to “OpenAI”… a “dangerous” advance in artificial intelligence is behind his dismissal


Speculation has mounted over the reasons for the ouster of OpenAI’s founder and CEO, Sam Altman, after the company’s board of directors decided to fire Altman yesterday, amid reports of “dramatic” progress in artificial intelligence, before his return to the post. .

Before the CEO was ousted, researchers at OpenAI, which owns ChatGPT, warned the board of directors that advances in the field of artificial intelligence threatened humanity, Reuters reported, citing company sources.

The company indicated that this was one of the many reasons behind the decision to fire him.

Unlike a calculator, which can solve a limited number of operations, artificial general intelligence can generalize, learn, and understand.

In their letter to the committee, the researchers cited the versatility and potential danger of artificial intelligence, without specifically identifying security concerns in the letter seen by Reuters, the sources said.

There is a long debate among computer scientists about the danger posed by highly intelligent machines, for example, if they decide that it is in their interest to destroy humanity.

Al Arabiya business reporter Karina Kamal said everyone is trying to find out what happened behind the scenes in the drama of Sam Altman’s ouster and return as CEO of OpenAI.

One of the reasons for the disagreements cited in the Reuters report is that the agency conducted research related to technology that in some cases could have a “very negative” impact on humanity, the impact of which is difficult to assess. .

He explained that the story reveals the conflict in the field of artificial intelligence, where some see the technology as positive and could change the way humanity works, while they call for caution in handling it, while others believe the technology should move forward. At all costs, among them Sam Altman.

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He noted that the person who leaked the study is yet to comment on the news.

Altman led the effort to make ChatGPT one of the fastest-growing software applications in history and attracted the necessary investment — and computing resources — from Microsoft to develop artificial general intelligence (AGI).

In addition to announcing several new tools in a demo this month, Altman expressed his belief that significant progress is on the horizon during a summit of world leaders in San Francisco last week.

It is noted that general artificial intelligence is capable of knowing, learning, applying and solving related issues, which will be equal or superior to human intelligence.

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