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As-Suwayda protesters are demanding the implementation of.. What is Security Council Resolution 2254?


As protests continue in the Syrian city of Sweda, the Syrian People’s Movement is entering a new phase, with protesters calling for the implementation of UN Resolution 2254, which leads Syria to a “new future”.

Thousands of Syrians in Sweda have been chanting against the Syrian regime, demanding its ouster and the departure of its president, Bashar al-Assad. Security Council Resolution no. Opponents insist on implementation of 2254. What is this resolution and what is its nature?

What is Resolution 2254?

can be expected Conclusion The Al-Hurrah website reviewed, stating that “in the absence of a political solution, the current situation in Syria will continue to deteriorate.”

The resolution calls for “parties to take all appropriate measures to protect civilians, including members of ethnic, religious and sectarian communities.”

The resolution held the Syrian regime responsible for “protecting the population” and reiterated that “the only sustainable solution to Syria’s current crisis is through a comprehensive political process under Syrian leadership that meets the aspirations of the Syrian people.”

Refers to the Geneva Convention of 30 June 2012, ratified by resolution 2118 (2013), which “provides for the establishment of a comprehensive transitional governance system based on mutual consent and to ensure the continuity of governmental institutions.”

The resolution encourages diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict in a joint statement on the results of multilateral talks on Syria held in Vienna on October 30, 2015.

The resolution urges all parties to “affirm political transition in Syria”.

The resolution “stresses the need to adhere to the principles of the International Support Group for Syria, including commitment to the unity of Syria, ensuring its independence and territorial security, and avoiding sectarianism in the administration of government institutions in order to protect the rights of all Syrians, regardless of race or religion.”

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The resolution also reiterates its support for the June 30 Geneva Declaration, which states that “the future of Syria is decided by the Syrian people.”

The resolution recognizes the role of the International Syria Support Group, “as a central platform to facilitate United Nations efforts to achieve a lasting political solution in Syria.”

And he supports “a Syrian-led political process facilitated by the United Nations that would establish a credible, inclusive and non-sectarian regime within six months, setting a timetable for the creation of a new constitution for the country.”

The resolution also states that “fair elections in accordance with the new constitution must be held within 18 months under the supervision of the United Nations and meet the highest international standards of transparency.”

The resolution stresses “the need to confirm the ceasefire and verify its severity” and welcomes “the Jordanian government’s efforts to foster common understanding within the International Syria Support Group”.

The resolution stressed the “urgent need to create conditions for the safe and voluntary return of refugees and internally displaced persons to their places of origin, in accordance with international law, and for the rehabilitation of affected areas.”

He also stresses the need for “confidence-building by all parties in Syria, with the aim of contributing to the continuation of the political process and a permanent ceasefire”.

Notably, the protests began in the southern governorates of Dara and Suwaita, but their momentum continued in the Druze-majority Suwaita, which has seen non-stop movements against poor living conditions over the years.

As-Suwayda Governorate has its own uniqueness because throughout the years of conflict, Syria’s Druze have managed to distance themselves from its consequences. Generally, except a few, never took up arms against the regime and never joined the opposition. Tens of thousands of young men avoided conscription and instead took up arms to defend their regions, while Damascus turned a blind eye to them.

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The Syrian regime remains in As-Suwayda Governorate through official institutions, while the regime’s army is stationed at checkpoints around the governorate.

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