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Asma Al Zarooni.. gives details about the place


Sharjah – Ashraf Ibrahim
The writer Asma Al Zarooni, from her beginnings in the world of literature, has been associated with the worlds of stories, and she has established her poems in the gardens of life. She is one of the names that has created a special style in her Gulf environment. Short story, novel, and then children’s literature, writing the usual identity of poetry, nearly thirty works in the harvest of life live in the memory of Emirati culture. A light in the eye, he devotes himself to his literary arts and tweets out of the herd, raising fascinating topics, passing time and traveling in a maze of beauty. , he took on the task of creating stories for children that could blend the reality of parents. and grandparents and their good biographies, then his work instilling morals to bring their present time back into its cycle has earned him honors and won prizes, and his short stories have been taught in academic curricula across the country. Deepen his literary career.

In his new novel, Al-Zarouni conjures scenes and characters, and he is determined to do this narrative work, for which he chose the name “Palace”, the result of the aroma of his experiences on his journey. The environment in which she grew up. She leans against the wall of memories and tests her humanity, so to get an accurate psychological depiction of the heroine’s pain, surgeries and psychological suffering, the writer has shot many generous scenes in parts of the story. Al-Zarouni’s ability to interact with a cast of no more than ten characters in the filtered narrative he skillfully creates. He elevates the cause of this woman so that she can overcome the rigors of life. Thus, Al Zarooni flows dynamically between parts of the story and fully embodies suffering.

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Although Asma Al Jarouni was involved in storytelling, which represented a special priority for her, she did not abandon poetry, which gave her freedom of expression. Its flow always settled in her conscience, and she moved it in all directions to express her feelings and models. Abyss of human life, so the shadows of poetry she aspires to collect many prose poems, to choose from her for her new collection, which is another riad in her poetic career.

Al Zarooni prides himself on his experience in writing children’s literature, in which he evokes traditions of fragrance, his latest publication for children, a collection of short stories titled “Uncle Juma”, in which he instills values. The tolerance that Emirati society has built up is still trying to thrive in absorbing the nectar of experiences. Humanity is available to this group to deepen the values ​​in the stories currently being written, for him and his problems. She is attached to her identity, clinging to her past and proud of her present. Currently, Al Jaroni lives in her real world with books scattered on the reading table, more available to read the authors’ dedications. And take some time off from the books and writing she chose to rest on.

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