August 8, 2022

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Asmongold explains why Saudi Arabia got the controversial Mizkif sponsorship

Asmongold explains why Saudi Arabia got the controversial Mizkif sponsorship

. 9 days ago

Popular Ashmongold revealed on Twitch that he is accepting a Saudi Misciff sponsorship deal.

On June 29, Twitch star Misciff reiterated his agreement to a lucrative deal with Saudi Arabia, which included a trip to the Middle Eastern country after learning of numerous human rights abuses in the country.

The deal, which was also sent to fellow Twitch stars Ameriu and TiVo, will see players travel to Saudi Arabia for four days to play Fortnite.

After news of the controversial sponsorship spread, Ashmongold decided to give his two cents and revealed that unlike a pimp, he had no problem getting it.

Azmungold says he supports Saudi Arabia…almost

During its June 30 broadcast, streaming platform World of Warcraft addressed the controversy, noting that the United States also has its fair share of problems.

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“So the way I make all my decisions is a very simple question: Are they good for me?” explained. “If it helps me, I do it. That’s it. Everything else is under it, and I’d say it’s subtext, but honestly, it’s not even on the page.”

With that in mind, Ashmongold revealed that he would indeed make a deal with Saudi Arabia, but “not the fun way” he would travel.

The show made some fans wonder if he could get sponsorship from Russia – something Ashmongold had to think about.

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He replied, “It depends on what it is. For example, if Vladimir Putin supported me, I don’t know, maybe not, I think that would be very strange.” “That’s great.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Saudi Arabia eventually passes it on to Asmongold for a possible sponsorship request, but certainly won’t hesitate to accept him if he doesn’t travel.