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Astronomer Maya Haseem will make predictions on Monday in numerical form



Forecast for Monday, May 2, 2022: According to Tracks of Numbers:

Expectations based on numbers:


On Monday, it moves in its path to the number 4 ((4)): here is the number of real and terrestrial reserves, which is the number of four elements

1- Water 2- Fire 3- Air 4- Dust .. Four directions: East, West, North, South, and Seasons 4, which are family number and radical changes.

Number (1): Monday is for luck, especially in a particular aspect like emotion, material or work .. You feel free in your decisions and actions .. You depend on yourself, you depend on positive thinking .. Your charisma is high and you act with love and only You are far from modeling and repeating.

Number (2): Both of your opportunities are OK, but they are not the best, especially in areas of interest. Beware of new relationships if they are friendly. There may be family frustration or disagreement with parents. Trust your decision on this day because your thinking is confusing. With that your charisma is remarkable, but you act with some contradiction.

Number (3): Monday is the day of solutions, and you can achieve new things because two-thirds of your chances (interest, money, job) are good. If you correct previous mistakes .. your charisma is unique, gentle and kind.

Number (4): Monday is one of the best days for money .. but you can not build confidence in other things related to your relationship. Your intuition tends to think negatively. Your feelings seem angry and tense. You can try to increase your energy, refresh yourself and stay away from stressful situations. Your glamor is average, frowning, and angry. You act nervous and irresponsible.

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Number (5): Monday’s luck goes well in all fields, and you will get the greatest happiness in the third (money, passion and work). You can update and change the situation with someone you like..nothing can. Disrupt your mood .. You love life in all its details .. Your charisma is wonderful .. Behave with ambition and love Your spontaneity is clear.

Number (6): On Monday, you will be comfortable, especially with money and profit, especially cash flow..your instinct is high and precise. You feel that fate stands with you in your expectations..Good day for communication. , Emotional life and health..you seem to be the perfect right person..your charisma is high and your smile is obvious.you are acting spontaneously and spontaneously.

Number (7): It is clear that Monday brings physical or psychological exhaustion. Not interested..focus on food and your general condition..be careful in confronting your opponent.Your charisma is light, ignoring your appearance and acting aggressively.

Number (8): On Monday, you are very lucky in emotional matters and you focus on intellectual and spiritual aspects .. You can be a perfect, perfect and loving person .. You will succeed and get new acquaintances. Protected by all your activities and you feel confident from the beginning of the day .. Numbers give you sober energy. Alia reveals the facts if you want .. Your charisma is charming and you behave in an idealistic, open and clear manner.

Number (9): Monday can give you worries and fatigue, especially in matters related to the future and money, you may feel lost, distracted and forget many simple things so you will always lose your personal needs. .. Your attractiveness is low and tired .. You behave strangely, clearly without paying attention.

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* To extract your track number: All you have to do is add up all the numbers of your date of birth: Example:

18 – 7 – 1989

Adding all the numbers with a calculator:

Add 8 + 1 + 7 + 9 + 8 + 9 + 1 plus = 43 then

4 + 3 equals 7, so the result is 7, which is the path number of this person’s life and birth.

Most lucky on Monday:

Owners of numbers 8, 5, 4 and 3

+ The fourth symptom of cancer

+ Mercury, Gemini and Virgo ruled zodiac.

+ Born on Wednesday.

+ Whose path number emerges from 13, 31, 8 and 4, and the hierarchical number from the hierarchy, with their date of birth, these numbers:

4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 31, 26

* Monday color (green) matches the color of nature and inspiration.

* Monday Way Number (4):

It is associated with Mercury, i.e. the motion of Mercury and the vibrations of the number 4 are always in doubt, which are the days Mercury and green (the color of nature).

* Number 4 Creates harmony with scientific thinking, patience, honesty, respect, tolerance, organization, self-control, justice, seriousness and commitment.

Monday Number Pyramid:



7 6

2 5 24

2 5 2022

Monday (3226) Subtracting the large number and adding = 4 to the track number, it makes 4 + 4 8. This is a contradictory day because 13 is so strong that the effects of the numbers are not believed on Monday by the vibrations of the number 13, which leads to unknown fate and loss. ..Of course on a general level, bad things can happen including death and man .. Good luck, material opportunities ..

One person suffers more than anyone else in his life in terms of health, passion and friendship. Conditions of his life ..

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* Suitable for baby on Monday: The following characters to ease the jinx of numbers:

(C – a – e – b – d – g – f – k – l – r – m – n)

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