Thursday, June 20, 2024

Astronomers have identified an even cooler star


extend/ Astronomers at the University of Sydney have shown that a recently discovered, fainter star emits radio waves as cool as it is, a ball of gas that boils at about 425 degrees Celsius. The surface temperature of the nuclear hell Sun is about 5,600 degrees.

While it’s not the coolest star ever discovered, it’s the coolest in terms of the energy it emits radio waves, according to results published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

“Finding supercool brown dwarf stars that produce radio emission is extremely rare,” said Coffey Rose, a researcher at the School of Physics. This is because their dynamics do not normally produce magnetic fields that produce detectable radio emission from Earth.”

“Finding this star producing radio waves at such a low temperature is an amazing discovery,” he added.

In this case, the radio waves are thought to be produced by the flow of electrons within the magnetic pole region of the star, which produces continuously repeated radio bursts.

Ross analyzed the star using new data from the CSIRO ASKAP telescope in Western Australia and followed up observations from the Australia Integrated Telescope Array near Narrabri in New South Wales and the Meerkat Telescope in South Africa.

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