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At the table of the Shamma Council for thought and knowledge … the light of the new wave of Romanian cinema


Hawaii Al Hasan (Al Ain)

Sheikh Dr. Shamma bint Muhammad bin Khalid Al Nahyan was their patron and presence, Dr. Shamma Muhammad Council Drama Critic and Researcher for Thought and Knowledge. Yesterday, Mohammed Saeed Ahmed, on the talk show about the new wave in Romanian cinema.
Sheka Shamma spoke at the opening of the evening, in which he described cinema as the art of uniting the threads of all human art and creation into its own hands, and at the dawn of the nineteenth century the brothers “August and Louis Lumiere” pulled the carpet from the footsteps of the cinema theater because it transcended time with its survival potential. Continues as a given object, indicating the inability of the theater. Over time, though it is preserved, it loses its true meaning, a direct connection between the actor and the audience.
He explained that cinema reflects the cultural status of society and that it is a translation of its reality and covers the hidden problems and issues experienced by communities and is one of the most important weapons of the soft powers of the states. , And the window through which the world sees the community and sees it from within.
Speaking of European cinema from its perspective, in general, it is subject to great injustice before American cinema, especially in our Arab societies.
Sheikh Shamma posed his questions to the guest of the meeting: Why did European cinema not find success and conform to the Arab mentality, yet I see that European culture and Arab culture have deep and broad historical commonalities that unite us. American culture?
Here, Dr. Mohammed Saeed Ahmed responds that an in-depth analysis of Romanian cinema, its history, its progress and its interest in nature, political and social issues through comedy and music will be dazzling with the absence of stars, heroes and storytellers. A film directed by an ordinary man who does not focus on writing the script and moving towards the class he has studied.
Regarding the cinema movement in Emirates, he pointed out that there are young people interested in Emirates and the trend of women studying cinema and photography through faculties at the American University and Emirates University and others is a positive thing at Emirates.
He said that in the light of the development of skills and studios in the College of Drama at the University of Sharjah, the University of the United States and others, the United Arab Emirates has qualified for the film industry.
Ahmed also pointed out the importance of having cinema clubs that contribute to spreading film culture, awareness, cinematic taste and discussion about movies.

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